Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Lena – Episode One

Lena (1)

Lena pulled up to the house and sighed. She never quite understood why her younger brother chose to live in a frat house rather than the apartment her parents were eager to get him. They were never eager to get her an apartment when she was in college. They wouldn’t even let her move into the sorority house. They insisted that she stay in the dorms on campus. Their sister Kim, the middle child, made the mistake of going to school near home and had to live at home until she got a job and moved out. Eric got to benefit from being the baby.

Stomach growling, Lena sent Eric a text message telling him she was waiting outside. There was no way she was going to get out of the car so he could try and get her to carry some of his stuff. After a few minutes, and no response, she sent him another text.

There was a light tapping on the window that caused her to jump. Lena looked up from her phone and saw one of Eric’s frat brothers. She turned her music down and rolled down her window.

“Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s okay.” She smiled when he smiled. His bright white teeth seemed to shine framed by a dark brown goatee against his mahogany skin. Quickly, before her thoughts could go anywhere else, she scolded herself. This young man was clearly a friend of her brother, which made him possibly ten years younger than her. She looked back down at her phone. “Do you know if Eric is in there?”

“I hope you aren’t his new girlfriend.”

“No.” She laughed. “God no.”

“I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to have to fight him for you.”

Lena shifted in her seat at his devious grin. “I’m his sister.”

“Sister? I met her though. Kim. You aren’t Kim.”

“Clearly he never mentions me. Nice. Should make his ass walk home.”

“You must be Lena.”

“Ah. Are you trying to save him from walking home?”

“Naw. You just don’t look old enough to be the Lena he described. You have locs, but…”

“Eric already giving me an AARP card?”

He chuckled. “Maybe.”

“And your name?”


“Eric’s dean.”

“Yes. He is still taking a final.”

“He told me his last final was done at ten.”

Kareem chuckled. “You want to come inside and chill? His last final started fifteen minutes ago.”

Lena groaned. “Maybe I will go find some food and come back.”

“I have plenty to satisfy your appetite.” Kareem winked at her and glanced down at his hands. Lena hadn’t noticed he was holding a pizza with another bag on top of it. He took a step back. “Come inside. You can relax. I can feed you some pizza. It will be great.”

“I think I know how to feed myself.”

“I’m sure you do but where is the fun in that.”

Lena rolled up her window but sat still for a moment. Finally, her stomach convinced her to take a risk in dealing with her hormones. She turned her car off, grabbed her purse, and got out. “I’m going to kill Eric.”

“I’m going to thank Eric.”

Lena turned as they were walking to catch Kareem looking at her thighs. It was almost ninety degrees out and she was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and a tank top. “Are you going to behave?”


Lena’s eyes got wide. “Maybe I should go to that diner I saw on the way.”

“No one eats there.” Kareem reached for her arm. “I will do my best to behave.”

“If I wasn’t starving…”

“I am thankful for your appetite and would enjoy seeing more of it.”

Before Lena could stop walking again, Kareem took her hand and led her up the steps and into the frat house. They walked through the living room and the kitchen, where there was a guy with his face resting in a book.

Kareem bumped the guy’s chair as he walked past. “Sean, osmosis don’t work son.”

Lena squeezed around the guy as he jumped up. She stopped for a second but then continued to follow Kareem down a short hallway and into a room. She paused when she realized they were in his bedroom. Clearly the master suite of the house, the room had two armchairs in front of a bench that was at the foot of a king size bed. The room was dark. The sheets, curtains, and all the furniture were some shade of black. There was even a black rug on the floor. “Um…”

“You can sit anywhere you like. I don’t eat out there because when I do I have to share. I don’t like to share.”

Lena couldn’t help but smile. “But you are going to share with me?”

Kareem grinned. “I only share my food with beautiful women.”

“Oh. Well, that is good to know.” Lena sat down in one of the armchairs.

Kareem moved the video game controllers and sat the food down. He walked over to a cabinet by the television and pulled out some plates and napkins. Then he opened up a mini fridge. “I have water, grape soda, wine, coolers, and vodka.”

“No Jack?”

“Bottle is over on the dresser.” Kareem pointed. “Why? You want some Jack?”

Lena laughed. “No. Liquid crack is fine by me.”

“Clearly you are Eric’s sister.” Kareem handed her a grape soda.

“Thank you.” Lena sipped the soda while watching Kareem. He opened the pizza and unwrapped some wings. Then he sat down with another container. When he opened that the smell instantly caught her attention. “Are those…”

“Old bay fries with gravy. Your brother got me eating these.”

Lena couldn’t help but moan softly. They were her favorite. She was the reason Eric ate them. The only way she got them when she was in Miami was when she made them herself. “You have to share those.”

“Making sounds like that I think I do.” Kareem grinned. “But on one condition?”

“And that is?”

“I get to feed them to you.”

Lena sat back for a second. Then she sighed. “Fine.”

“So, you came in from Miami to take your little brother home from school?” Kareem reached over and fed Lena two fries.

“Nope.” Lena tried not to smile as Kareem allowed the fork to linger in her mouth. She backed away and ate the fries. “It is our mom’s birthday this weekend. Party and whatnot.”


“He needs to get his damn car fixed. I don’t know why he drives that piece of shit. Daddy was going to get him a new truck when he opted not to move into the apartment.”

“Eric loves that Charger.”

“Yeah, he does.” Lena ate a bite of pizza but then looked back at Kareem.

“Am I moving too slow with the fries?”


He chuckled and fed her a few more fries. “You want me to turn on the television or a movie?”

“You need a distraction?”

“Yeah, kinda.”


“You know why.”

Lena smiled. “You have to know I’m older than you.”

“You have to realize I don’t care. I’m not big on numbers. I work more with my hands.”

“Your hands?”

“I am a physical therapy and sports medicine major.”

Lena reached over to grab a fry but Kareem pulled back. “Seriously…”

Kareem picked up two long fries with his fingers and fed them to her. He leaned his head back when Lena sucked the gravy off his fingers. “Listen…”

“You started it.”

“And I want so badly to finish it.”

“I’m sure you do.” Lena smiled and leaned back. “How old are you?”

“Older than Eric.”

Lena started on another slice of pizza. She couldn’t deny that her attraction to Kareem was strong. It just didn’t seem like a good idea because of his age. “So are you going to go into physical therapy when you graduate?”

“I graduated on Saturday.”


“Thank you.” Kareem fed Lena the last few fries. He used the fork this time, knowing there was no way he could bear to have is fingers in her mouth again without being able to kiss her. Lena was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had to snap himself back into reality as he began to imagine her legs wrapped around him while he played with her locs. “I was thinking about medical school.”

“Just thinking?”

“I’m kind of tired of school. I can go right to work with the degree I have now.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense. School is a lot.”

“Who you telling. I am tired of writing papers and taking exams.”

“Nothing wrong with taking a break. I took two years off and my job paid for my master’s degree. It can work in your favor.” Lena sipped her soda. She rubbed the back of her neck.

“What’s wrong with your neck?”

“Oh nothing, stress.”

“Stress? No bueno.”

Lena shrugged. She finished her pizza. “I should wash my hands.”

“Bathroom is that door over there.” Kareem pointed to a door.

“Thanks.” Lena went into the bathroom. She shut the door and emptied her bladder. Then she washed her hands and checked herself out in the mirror. Her boobs sat up nicely in her thin bra. Lena was thankful she wasn’t as old as she felt. Still, having crossed the threshold of thirty made her think twice about entertaining Kareem. He was sexy. She could not deny the effect he had on her. She shifted in her shorts, took a deep breath, and left the bathroom before he thought she was moving in. Lena lost her train of thought as Kareem got up from the chair he was sitting in. Quickly she looked over to his entertainment center. “Looks like you have more games than movies.”

“I do. Feel free to check them out.” Kareem walked past Lena and went in the bathroom. He washed his hands and watched her hips sway as she walked over to look at his games. He quietly began to coach himself. He wanted to touch her but knew that he needed to behave himself. Eric was not only his frat brother but also one of his closest friends. Kareem knew he could not afford to think with his dick in this situation. He dried his hands and grabbed a bottle of oil he had sitting on the dresser.

“All these games, it is a wonder you got any school work done.”

“It was a way to relax.”

“What even is relaxing?” Lena laughed. She left Miami for her vacation after a long series of weeks from hell at work.

“Come here.”

Lena turned and saw that Kareem was sitting on the bench. “Um…”

“I won’t bite unless you want me too.”

Lean couldn’t help but laugh. She slowly walked over to him, stopping just out of his reach. “Okay.”

Kareem laughed. “Turn around and sit here on the bench.”

“Next to you?”

“Naw.” Kareem slid back and sat on his bed. Then he patted the bench. “Right here.”

“Um… okay.” Lena turned and sat down on the bench.

Kareem moved her locs out of the way and felt her shoulders. He could feel her tense up more than she already was as soon as he touched her skin. “No wonder you are rubbing your neck.”

“I’ve had a rough few weeks.”

“Let me help work out a few of these kinks.” Kareem rubbed some oil on his hands and began to massage her shoulders. It took him a few minutes but he got many of the kinks worked out. He couldn’t help but breathe in the mix of the almond oil he was using and the tea tree oil from her hair. Kareem slipped his hands up her shirt and began to massage her lower back.

Lena let her head fall forward and she closed her eyes. A soft moan escaped her lips followed by a sigh. “You are really good at this.”

“I am a professional.”

Kareem hit a spot on her back that caused her to moan a bit louder. Lena arched her back and scooted back towards him on reflex. Feeling his hardness against her butt caused Lena to open her eyes. Still massaging her lower back, Lena was close enough for Kareem to really breathe her in. His lips brushed her neck and she shivered. His massage moved up to just under her breasts. He felt himself losing what little will power he had so he put his hands on the bed.

“Feel better?”

Lena scooted forward and nodded. “Yes. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Unable to fight the urge, Lena slowly reached her hand back and placed it on top of Kareem’s. His fingers on that hand wrapped around hers. His other hand slipped back under her shirt and pulled her back close to him. Kareem’s lips came in contact with Lena’s neck and this time he did not stop at a simple brush. He kissed until his kiss turned to a nibble, causing Lena to giggle.

Kareem chuckled. “My bad. I said I wouldn’t bite.”

“What if I like it?”

“Oh, well in that case…” Kareem stopped as there was loud knocking on his door. “Is the house on fire?”

“Yo, Kareem. My sister is floating around campus somewhere. Help me find her. She will leave me.”

Kareem whispered in Lena’s ear. “Would you leave him?”


He laughed. “Okay.”

Lena got up and walked over to the armchair before sitting back down to get better control over her hormones. Kareem walked over to the door and opened it. Eric stood in the doorway. “I forgot to tell her I had the other exam. She just flew in. I know she is pissed.”

“I’m not exactly pissed,” Lena responded.

Eric walked around Kareem and looked at Lena. “You’re here.”

“Yes. You are lucky Kareem is a good friend. He bribed me not to leave your ass with gravy fries.”


Lena cut him off before he could start to think things in his mind. “Are you packed? I am tired as hell and your mother still wants me to go and pick up a new outfit for this surprise party she isn’t supposed to know about.”

“That was Kim. She slipped up. Not me.”

“Hurry the hell up.” Lena pointed to the door. “And I am not carrying a damn thing so you better handle that on your own.”

Eric rushed out of the room. “Okay. Give me five minutes.”

Lena hung her head back after Eric was gone. “Sheesh.”

“I need him to take like ninety minutes though.”

Lena burst out laughing. She looked over at Kareem. “I have to go.”

“So tying you to the bed and keeping you here as my love slave for a few days isn’t an option?”

It took a second for Lena to respond. “Um… no.”

“You hesitated. It is totally an option.”

Lena stood up as she laughed. “I better go.”

Kareem nodded. “I could…”

Lena was close enough to him to put her finger over his lips. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you for lunch and the massage. It was nice meeting you but probably best that we leave it at that.”

“If you say so.” Kareem nodded. “It was lovely meeting you.”

Lena kissed him once more on the cheek. Then she left the room and headed out of the house. Kareem enjoyed the view but wished he could follow her. Something told him that she was going to be a difficult woman to forget.


~to be continued~

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