Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Lena – Episode 2

Lena (1)

Lena had barely gotten away from her father showing her off to his colleagues when she heard yet another voice she could not run away from.

“Lena, come over here. There is someone I want you to meet.”

Lena cringed at her mother’s voice. For it to be her birthday party, Lena’s mother was having the most fun introducing her eldest daughter to everyone. Most of the people Lena had met before. She knew her mother just wanted to brag that Lena had been promoted to Junior Executive at her firm. Lena glanced at Kim, who smiled back at her. Kim was just glad that her parents were leaving her alone. Lena looked around but couldn’t find Eric.

“Lena, chile I know you heard me.”

“Coming. Sorry. I was looking for Eric.” Lena turned around and walked over to her mother.

“He is getting me a drink.” Her mother smiled. “Lena, have you met Kareem? He is one of Eric’s friends from school. He is going to medical school in the fall.”

“Considering medical school in the fall, Mrs. Williams.” Kareem smiled at Lena. “I had the pleasure of meeting your daughter when she came to pick Eric up the other day.”

Before Lena could say anything her mother started up. “My baby has just been promoted to Junior Executive of her marketing firm. She’s only been in Miami for two years and already on the road to being a big shot.”


“Congratulations.” Kareem nodded.

“We had hoped that Lena would go to law school but this is pretty okay.” Her mother paused. “Oh, Judge Franklin just arrived. I will be right back.”

Lena hung her head back and rolled her eyes. “That woman.”

Kareem leaned closer. “Leaning back like that in that dress is just simply not fair.”

Lena tried not to blush when she looked back at the grin on his face. “You need to behave.”

“I guess.” Kareem sighed. “I’d rather disappear with you and hear you giggle.”

Lena tried to hold in her giggle.

“Oh, you are fighting this way too hard.”

“Lena, come say hi to Judge Franklin.” Her mother called.

“I have to go and let my mother brag.”

“Have fun.”

Lena made a funny face and then walked over to her mother. The party went on and her parents finally moved on from bragging about her. Lena took that opportunity to take a walk outside of the ballroom. Her parents had been members of that country club since she had been in high school. Walking the gardens to avoid people was one of Lena’s favorite things to do. She loved how the groundskeepers kept the garden as much like ones from English manors as they could. It reminded her of all the books she loved to read when she was younger and had more time. After wandering for a few minutes she paused and smiled when she saw Kareem sitting on a bench staring out at the view.

“Did my mother introduce you to every doctor in the room?”

Kareem looked over to her and laughed. “Yes.”

“Is that why you escaped?”


Lena slowly walked a few steps closer to him before she stopped. “So, what brings you out here then?”

“There was a beautiful woman that I couldn’t bear to stare at any longer. I was afraid others would notice me lusting after her.”

The few glasses of wine had relaxed Lena. That and the fact that Kareem looked so sexy in his suit caused her to step a few steps closer, putting her within his reach. “I guess there is nothing wrong with simply lusting after an older woman.”

Kareem took her hand and led her directly in front of him.”I am glad because her breasts look so delicious almost spilling out of her dress. And let me tell you about her thighs.”

Lena smiled as Kareem found the two splits hidden in the mass of fabric that covered her legs. The splits were inconspicuous to the untrained eye, so as not to irritate her father. Kareem’s hands went right to them. He gently rubbed her thighs. Lena began to run her fingers through his curly fade. “You know, this woman may have been hesitant but she is far from vanilla.”

Kareem pulled her closer to him by her thighs. His hands worked their way up over her bare ass. Then his fingers naturally gravitated between her legs. He slipped two slowly through her uncovered folds and then inside her. “Oh really.”

“Yes.” Lena’s head fell back as she moaned.

Kareem massaged her clit with his thumb and reached until he felt what he called the rough spot that made all women silky. He then massaged both until he could feel her walls tightening around his fingers. His eyes never left her face. Lena’s cheeks were flushed and her mouth opened slightly as her breathing went deeper. Kareem removed his fingers from her and sucked the sweetness off of them.

Lena caught her breath and looked into his eyes. She wanted desperately to kiss his lips but she simply touched hers with her fingers. She watched Kareem take off his jacket and lay it over the bench. “Getting comfortable.”

“Oh yeah.” Kareem moved Lena back just enough so that he could put one leg over the bench and lean back on his jacket.

“Now this looks like fun.” Lena giggled.

“I like that giggle. A lot more devious than the one the other day.”

Lena bent down and kissed his lips. Then she stood up and gathered up the front of her dress. After straddling him just below his neck, she let the dress fall back down. Kareem reached his hands under the dress and grabbed her ass, guiding her so that his tongue could part her folds just as his fingers had moments earlier. Lena tried to maintain her balance, with Kareem also holding her up slightly, while he passionately tried to devour her. When he felt her walls begin to tighten against his tongue, Kareem moved his hands from her legs and out the splits of her dress. Lena held his hands and tried to balance herself through her orgasm. She moaned and gasped for air. Kareem enjoyed the possibility of drowning in her sweetness. He moaned into her folds he gently lowered her to rest on his face.

Lena took several deep breaths to gain her composure. Then she realized she was actually sitting on Kareem’s face. She jumped up and stood a few steps from the bench. “I’m sorry.”

“Naw. No apologies necessary.”

“I could have smothered you.” Lena fixed the bottom of her dress. “It is kind of a fear of mine when attempting that position.”

“And kind of a dream of mine.” Kareem sat up and held his fingers to his lips.

Lena laughed. She walked over and kissed his lips. When she went to move back Kareem grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. “We should go back to the party.”

“I have to do something about this desire to please you.” Kareem eased her dress up over her knees.

“We are pressing our luck.” Lena wanted to back away but moved closer to him.

“I typically stay away from gambling but…” Kareem caressed her thighs.

Lena thought for a second. Then she smiled. “Get your jacket. I want to show you something.”

Kareem did as he was told and followed Lena further into the garden. They walked towards a shed. Lena had barely shut the door after they walked in before Kareem picked her up and had her pressed against it. It only took seconds for him to have her dress up around her waist and her legs wrapped around his waist. Kareem unzipped her dress enough to free her breasts so that he could feast on them. He did his best to focus on the more than ample parts of her breast that wouldn’t be seen. Lena had never been so hungry for a man in her whole life. She freed his dick and guided it to her opening.

“You really want to do this?”

“Yes.” She nodded quickly.

Kareem gently eased his dick inside of her. Lena leaned back against the door, arching her back and allowing him to fill her. As he picked up speed with his strokes Lena did her best not to cry out. The curve of his dick kept tapping on her spot with every stroke. The faster he went the more blurry her vision got, until he had to kiss her to quiet her cries. She had her hands in her locs so that she didn’t claw at his shirt. Kareem was trying to hold his climax back but Lena’s walls closed so tightly around him that every stroke pulled it right out of him. He exploded inside of her and moaned into their kiss.

Afterward, he wiped himself off with wet paper towels. He warmed the water and wet more paper towels to wipe off Lena’s legs. She giggled as he cupped her folds.

“Thank you.”

Kareem backed up before he got carried away again. He helped her fix the top of her dress and then zipped her up. “When do you go back to Miami?”

Lena turned to him. “Tomorrow.”


She kissed him softly. “Kareem, just because I couldn’t resist you doesn’t mean…”

“Shhhh.” He put his fingers over her lips. “While I would never consider you to be one-night-stand material, I’m okay with accepting that if that is what you want.”

“It is.” Lena responded quickly. The truth was that she didn’t know what she wanted. She also knew that Kareem had his whole future ahead of him. The idea of her possibly keeping him from enjoying the years she had already experienced wasn’t one that she could consider.

Kareem nodded. “I would love to escort you back to the party but I think it best that I don’t.”

Lena smiled. “You go ahead back. Make sure my father hasn’t killed Eric.”

Kareem laughed. “I will do that.”

Lena gave him a few minutes head start and then headed back a different way. She snuck into the ballroom from a different door. She was able to check herself in the bathroom and fix her hair before rejoining the party. Kareem was chatting with her father and Eric. Her mother was talking with a large group of her sorority sisters.

“So, what trouble were you off getting into?”

Lena turned to see her sister Kim next to her. “Trouble?”

“Chile, I have only known you my entire life.” Kim smiled. “You disappear and that means trouble. I’m just curious what kind it was.”

“The kind that I am not going to talk to you about.”

Kim nodded. “Nice. Okay then. Mom was luckily not looking for you. She has been distracted by someone or something going on with her sorors for the past hour.”

Lena turned to her. “I’ve been gone an hour?”

“What, did you step into another dimension and lose track of time?” Kim giggled. “Was the dick that good?”

Lena got flushed.

“Oh well, that answers my questions. I am so fucking jealous.” Kim laughed. “You look perfect.”

“Thanks.” Lena’s gaze went back over to Kareem. Then she heard her mother calling and snapped out of the haze that she was beginning to slip into.

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  1. Now I have to find out if there is more info or prior stories involving Ms. Lena. Because something about her has more than grabbed my attention.


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