Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Lena – Episode III

Kareem sat on the edge of the pool. He watched all the guests of his birthday party roam the backyard of the house his frat brothers rented for the weekend long celebration. His gaze stopped on a group of women who had just walked out of the house. It had been three years since he had last seen Lena. As he watched her in the group, he had to tell his dick to relax. He had chosen Miami as his destination of choice, only slightly hoping he would get a chance to bump into Lena. Eric had said he wasn’t inviting her to the party because she was “too old to party with them”. The notion made Kareem laugh. If he was honest, Lena was the only person he wanted to party with. He simply couldn’t seem to keep her off his mind.
Lena paused when she saw Kareem sitting with his feet in the pool. She leaned to her soror Gloria. “Glo, I think this is the party my brother didn’t want to tell me about.”
“Why do you say that?” Gloria looked around. “Oh, there that big head little boy is. Is he old enough to drink? How is he behind the bar?”
“Yeah, he just turned twenty-two.”
“Damn time flies.” Gloria turned to Lena. “You okay hanging out with your baby brother?”
“Not him I am concerned with.” Lena glanced over in Kareem’s direction. He was talking to a girl who was in the pool but Lena knew that he had seen her.
Gloria looked around, trying not to make it obvious that she was seeing who Lena had glanced at. She waved to a few guys she knew who were a few feet behind the man in the pool. She then leaned to Lena. “Oh he is fine as hell. Please don’t tell me that is the youngin you were telling me about from your mom’s party.”
“Yes. That’s Kareem.”
“Girl, you better snatch that young man up.”
“I am not a cougar.”
“Why not? I would be for someone that fine.” Gloria laughed. “Ten years younger ain’t that bad as long as he has his shit together.”
Macie stuck her head in between Lena and Gloria. “What are y’all talking about?”
“That fine ass chocolate specimen sitting on the edge of the pool.” Gloria responded.
“That is Nathan’s cousin Kareem. It is his birthday party.”
Lena sucked her teeth at the sound of Nathan’s name. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Nathan. Nathan was cool. It was just that it meant that Walter was there. Nathan and Walter always hung out together. “Oh joy. Oh rapture.”
“I already spotted Walter over in the corner trying to holler at some Deltas. Maybe he will leave you alone.” Macie shrugged.
“When has he ever?” Lena sighed. “That man cannot take a hint.”
“He insists y’all are getting married.” Gloria laughed again.
The trio walked over to the bar. Lena leaned on the bar and gave Eric the side eye. “So this is the thing you were trying not to tell me about.”
Eric sighed. “What are you doing here?”
“First, these are my friends. Miami is where I live.” Lena put her hand in Eric’s face.
Macie laughed. “Sweetie, Nathan and I are engaged.”
Eric leaned close to Lena. “Look. It’s Kareem’s birthday. I think he has a crush on you or something. Don’t crush his pride on his birthday.”
Lena laughed. She figured that Kareem hadn’t mentioned to Eric what happened between them when Eric hadn’t confronted her. Eric was very protective of his adulthood. He didn’t want his older sister’s treating him like a child in front of his friends. Lena turned to him. “Look, enjoy yourself. I am here to enjoy myself. You have no worries as long as you don’t try and bring some girl back to my condo. That is when you’ll get embarrassed. Stop trying to act like you are protecting Kareem.”
Gloria and Macie followed Lena as she walked away from the bar. They found some lounge chairs on the side of the pool and sat down. Lena put on her sunglasses and decided to indulge herself by watching Kareem. Seeing him in swim trunks was rapidly elevating her internal temperature. It was bad enough it was a hot Miami afternoon. Macie picked the chairs nearest to a large misting fan. Most women avoided it because it might mess up their hair. Macie and Lena both had locs. Gloria had been blessed with a grain of hair that enjoyed a bit of humidity and wetness. The chair also gave Lena a pretty good view of everything going on at the party. Not that she was paying attention. Even when she tried to keep them focused on something else, her eyes followed Kareem. He had gotten up and walked over to the bar. Nathan handed him a pitcher of sangria and some glasses. Then, to Lena’s enjoyment, Kareem walked over to the three of them. She resisted the urge to lick her lips as she watched his pelvic bone and hips move out the side of her eyes. She was also attempting to try and listen to what Macie was talking about.
“So Walter is going to ask you to go to that with him.”
“Wait, what?” Lena frowned.
“Were you even listening to me?” Macie huffed.
“Of course she wasn’t.” Gloria giggled. “Look who is coming over here.”
Macie looked up just as Kareem walked within earshot. “Oh, hey Kareem. Happy Birthday.”
“Thank you.” Kareem smiled. He held up the glasses and sangria. “You ladies don’t seem to have anything to drink. I brought you some sangria.”
Macie turned to Gloria and Lena. “Kareem, have you met my friends. This is Gloria.”
Kareem sat the glasses down. He poured a glass of sangria and handed it to Gloria. “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you as well. Happy Birthday.” Gloria took her glass. “What year is this for you?”
“Twenty-five.” Kareem smiled.
“This is my friend…”
“Hello Lena.” He poured another glass of sangria.
“Hi Kareem.” Lena smiled.
“How are you?”
“Pretty good.” Lena licked her lips and took the glass of sangria from him.
“Did you bring me a present?” Kareem couldn’t help but take all of Lena in with his eyes.
Gloria began to giggle. Macie looked puzzled. She turned to Kareem. “You’ve met Lena?”
“You could say I was blessed with the pleasure of meeting Lena.” Kareem smiled and Lena was forced to look away for a moment to collect herself.
Gloria laughed and then collected herself. “Kareem, you went to school with Eric?”
“Yup.” Kareem poured the last glass of sangria and handed it to Macie. Then he heard Nathan calling him. “If you will excuse me ladies. Let me know if you need anything.”
Lena got to watch Kareem walk away for only a few moments before Macie blocked her view. “Yes dear?”
“Um… what am I missing that has Glo giggling like a ten year old?”
“Glo, why are you giggling?”
Gloria stopped giggling. “My bad. You remember the guy from her mom’s 50th birthday party?”
“Oh, yes, the young man she had great sex with but sidelined because…” Macie put her sunglasses on but Lena knew it was to cover up how wide her eyes got. “Kareem?”
“Yes.” Lena sipped her sangria.
“Wow.” Macie nodded. “Well, my dear, you have excellent taste in younger men.”
Lena laughed. “There is nothing there ladies.”
“Chile, that man wants you and you should grant his wish.” Gloria nudged her.
“He is too young.”
“He acts older than Nathan whenever they are together.” Macie shrugged. “But I feel you. Plus he is in DC but about to move to LA for his residency. That would be one hell of a long distance romance.”
“So he did go back to school.” Lena smiled. “Good for him.”
“Hey gorgeous. How are you?” Walter came and sat in the chair next to Lena.
“How long have you known me?” Lena huffed.
“About four years now.”
“And you still can’t remember to call me by my damn name?” Lena rolled her eyes and sipped her drink.
Kareem stood with the guys and watched as Walter ignored all the signs that Lena was annoyed my his presence. He turned to Nathan. “Cuz, you might want to clue your boy in on the signs a woman is getting ready to embarrass him.”
“He don’t get it. I have tried. She has embarrassed the fuck out of him on multiple occasions. That nigga is lost.”
“Damn, she whipped him like that?” One of the guys asked.
Nathan laughed. “Lena ain’t gave that man no play. He pressed off potential pussy.”
A collective damn rolled around the group. Eric shook his head. “I keep telling her she need to stop playing. She is getting too old to keep treating men like shit.”
“Nigga, you talk like she seventy-five.” Nathan shook his head. “Lena is thirty-four and the most eligible black woman in Miami. Your sister got a waiting list.”
“And I am about to root line.” Kareem mumbled under his breath.
Eric scoffed. “My dad is right. She is going to end up alone and bitter.”
Nathan watched Eric walk away from the group and then turned to Kareem. “That boy is just as dense as Walter.”
“You have no idea.”
“So, um, you have taken a liking to Ms. Lena.”
Kareem smiled but did not respond.
“Cuz, she is indeed a tough nut to crack.”
“Perhaps. But the sweetness on the inside is totally worth the effort.”
Kareem walked away before he said anymore. He needed to distract himself from Lena or else he would not get to enjoy much more of his party. Kareem walked over and joined a few of his Miami frat brothers and allowed them to introduce him to the other young women at the party, most of whom weren’t even more than a seconds worth of distraction from Lena.
After an hour of sending Walter away on fools errands, Lena had a headache. She was tired of being nice. That man couldn’t take a hint. He handed her a plate of fruit and shrimp.
“What is this?”
“You asked me to bring you food?”
Lena looked at Gloria who looked away. Lena handed the plate back to Walter. “Do you think I am on some internet diet?”
“I just…”
“Listen, Walter, could you just leave me alone for a few minutes, years, and forever?”
“But Lena, baby…” Walter leaned closer to her. “Maybe we can go inside and talk.”
Lena leaned back. “Did they have tuna over there?”
“So why does your breath smell like hot tuna?” Lena got up and grabbed her bag. She looked up at the sky. “I am going to the bathroom. Glo, its gonna storm in like ten minutes.”
“Lena…” Walter stood up.
“I swear to God if you follow me I will not be held accountable for my actions.” Lena shot Walter a side glance and then went inside the house. She used the bathroom and freshened up, before leaning against the door and sighing. Walter really had given her a headache. She took her locks down from the crown bun that she had them in. Her mind slipped back to Kareem. It had been three years and he never left her memory. A large part of her wished she had kept in touch with him. The more sensible part knew that it wouldn’t have worked, the distance and age gap seemed like more than enough reason to bury all hopes. Still, she found herself longing to feel his hands and lips on her body again.
Lena walked out of the bathroom and smiled when she saw Kareem standing on the steps.
He smiled at her. “Hey there.”
“Hi.” She looked away for a moment. “Why aren’t you at your party?”
“It’s about to rain.” Kareem smiled. “Glo said you two were getting ready to leave.”
“As you said, it is going to rain.”
“They are moving the party inside.”
He reached his hand out but didn’t say a word. Kareem was nervous anything he said might cause her to say no. There were a few seconds that went by. They felt like an eternity to him. Finally, as the thunder rolled loudly around the house, Lena took his hand. He smiled. “Come up and see my view.”
“You like watching storms?”
“One of my favorite things to do when I visited my grandmother.”
Lena smiled, both at the cuteness of the thought of him watching storms as a child and the man that every defined muscle in his back said he was. Watching him walk up the steps in front of her was sending her temperature all the way up. By the time they got into the third floor master suite, Lena felt like she was ready to pounce. Then she was distracted by the flash of lightning in the sky. The room had floor to ceiling windows all around it.
“Oh wow. This view is amazing.”
“It really is.” Kareem watched Lena walk around looking out of the windows. He was focused on her frame and not the sky just beyond it. Kareem was dying to remove the sundress and bathing suit she had on so he could play with her curves.
“You are still going to be missing your party if it is moving inside.”
“I’d rather spend some time with you.”
Lena turned to Kareem. “Oh really.”
“Yes.” Kareem walked closer to her. “Really.”
Lena could not resist the urge. She put her arms over his shoulders and kissed him softly. “And what would you like to do with this time we spend together?”
“Talk about the stars and storms and poetry.”
Lena burst out laughing. “Oh really?”
Kareem reached down and gathered the bottom of her dress up just at the tops of her thighs. “I would never want you to have the impression that I am only physically attracted to you. However, I don’t want you to underestimate how physically attracted to you I am.”
“You’re sweet.”
“As are you, if my memory serves me correctly.” Kareem smiled as thunder rolled.
Lena ran her tongue over his lips. “So what was it you were saying about the stars or a storm or whatever?”
Lightning flashed. Clouds moved through the sky, completely blocking out the sun. Kareem grabbed Lena’s ass and pulled her even closer to him. His passion began to escape him in their kiss. He had never craved anything or anyone as much as he craved her right at that moment. His lips only left hers long enough to pull her dress over her head. Lena pushed his trunks down and held his dick when it popped back up at attention.
“Is that what you want?”
Lena nodded and grinned. Kareem pushed her bikini bottom down. Then she pushed him down on the bed. He didn’t have time to do anything before Lena was sitting on his lap. She leaned down and kissed his lips. “What is it you want?”
“I wanna hear you scream my name.”
Kareem’s cockiness turned Lena on even more than she already was. She sat up on his lap again. “I’d like that to happen as well.”
Kareem pulled at the knot at the back of Lena’s bikini top. “If you’re gonna ride me, I feel like I’m going to need something to hold on to.”
Lena giggled and untied the knot at the top of her bikini top. Once they both got the knots untied the top fell down onto Kareem’s stomach. He palmed her breasts. Lena arched her back. Kareem took one hand and was just in reach of the night stand drawer. He was able to pull a condom out of the drawer. Lena took it from him and put it on him while Kareem went back to caressing her breasts. She was so hungry for him that as soon as she finished she lifted up slightly and slipped him deeply inside of her. She hung her head back and moaned.
“Oh shit.” Kareem moaned. He continued to massage Lena’s breasts as she rode him. When he could feel her walls tighten up around him he took her by the waist and rolled them over so she was on her back. Lena arched her back to take in each of his strong, deep strokes. He sat up on his knees and held her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist. It wasn’t long before Lena was crying out his name. Out of both a sense of victory and his own impending orgasm, Kareem bent down and kissed Lena. Her nails dug into his waist the faster and deeper he went inside her. Her body began to quake only a few moments before his.
Kareem kissed Lena a few more times before pulling out and rolling over next to her. He looked up at the ceiling for a few moments, reflecting on how wonderful that experience was. Lena did the same, but then rolled on her side and put her hand on his chest. He rolled on his side and looked at her. “Yes ma’am.”
“I’m hungry.”
Kareem laughed. “I am starving as well. Gimmie a minute.”
Lena watched Kareem get up and go into the attached bathroom. He trashed the condom, emptied his bladder, and then washed his hands. Lena was still curled up on the bed. She watched him put on a pair of sweatpants.
“Any special requests?”
“Sangria and food.”
He nodded. “Gotcha.”
Kareem headed down the two flights of steps and into the kitchen. There were people scattered about the first floor but the rain had stopped and many had gone back outside. Nathan and Eric were in the kitchen standing at the counter. Macie was sitting on a stool helping them put food in bowls and on trays. Kareem shook his friend Brian’s hand and gave him a quick hug. They gave each other a quick hug. Brian and Kareem pledged together and had been friends since freshman year of college. Brian was mixing up pitchers of sangria.
Eric shook his head and laughed. “It starts storming and your ass disappears from your own party. Then we hear some chick calling your damn name from upstairs. Who did you sneak off with?”
“Your sister.” Kareem said honestly and with a straight face.
“Funny. You wish.” Eric laughed. “Listen, if you are going to be boo’ed up I am going to roll with this chick I met. I will catch you tomorrow at the White Party.”
Kareem shook his head as Eric walked out to the patio. Brian burst out laughing. Nathan had a puzzled look on his face. Kareem shrugged. “He can’t say I kept it a secret.”
Macie smiled. “Is my bestie really upstairs with you?”
Kareem simply winked at her and then grabbed one of the empty trays. He began to put a little bit of all the food on there. Nathan smacked him in the arm. Kareem looked up. “What?”
Brian stopped laughing for a moment. “At least you told him this time.”
“This time?” Nathan looked around at everyone in the room. He realized he was now the one lost. His eyes stopped on Macie. “Are you going to tell me what is going on?”
“Maybe.” Macie giggled. She looked at Kareem. “You are gonna want to put way more potato salad on there if you plan on eating any of it.”
Kareem nodded and put two more big scoops of potato salad on a plate. Macie put a bowl of fruit on the tray. Brian handed him a closed pitcher of sangria and, after Kareem picked up the tray of food, put two glasses under his arm. Kareem smiled at the group. “Appreciate y’all. See you later, tomorrow, next lifetime or something like that.”
Lena was coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel when Kareem came back in the room. She held up her cell phone. “Is my brother downstairs?”
“Naw, he just left.”
“He just sent me a text.”
“What did he say?” Kareem sat the tray down on the dresser.
“He asked me where I was at.”
“And what did you say?”
“Behind the misplaced preposition.” Lena rolled her eyes.
Kareem laughed. “That was my fault.”
“Did you tell him I was up here?”
“Sort of.”
Lena put her hand on her hip. “Did he believe you?”
“Of course he didn’t. That boy needs to remove his head from his ass so he can breathe fresh air. I swear Kim spoiled him too much.”
Kareem frowned. “Did I miss the shower?”
Lena smiled and quickly forgot about her little brother. “No. I finally got up and went to the bathroom. I grabbed the towel when I heard the door.”
“Don’t cover up on my account.” Kareem walked over and put his arms around Lena.
“We are supposed to be eating.”
“Yes. Right. I need more energy.”
Lena laughed. She smiled and Kareem kissed her. “What did you bring up?”
“Other than a lot of potato salad?”
“Macie said she made it. Have you had it? She makes amazing potato salad.”
“Really?” Kareem pulled a shirt out of his bag and handed it to Lena. “This is probably more comfortable than that towel.”
Lena took off the towel and handed it to Kareem. He groaned and she smiled while putting on his shirt. “Thank you.”
“Let’s eat before I forget I’m hungry again.”
Kareem and Lena sat together in an oversized chaise lounge that was by the window. The conversation began to flow as soon as Kareem asked her to identify someone he saw walking to their car from the window. Lena knew everyone at the party, except for the three guys he brought with him from DC. They talked about post graduate Greek life and what it was like to live in Miami. Kareem enjoyed hearing her voice and listening to her talk about all the things she did for fun.
“When do you sleep?” Kareem asked.
“Um… rarely.” Lena laughed.
“I mean you can’t cause I swear you said you work 60 hour weeks.”
“I do.” Lena ate a strawberry. “I worked for 4 hours this morning before coming here.”
“I will probably work for a few hours before I go to bed tonight.” Lena took a drink of her sangria.
“What if I don’t let you leave tonight?”
Lena choked a little on her drink. She covered her mouth and finally swallowed what wasn’t going down her chin. “Huh? Can you give me a napkin?”
“Naw, I got you.” Kareem leaned forward and licked the sangria that was slowly running down her neck. He made his way up to her lips and tugged on her bottom lip with his lips. “Stay with me.”
“I am sure you have other things to do.”
“Tomorrow is my birthday and a Sunday. I usually go to church but I am not at home and would much rather worship you all night and into the morning. As for the white party, that is not nearly as exciting as you are.”
Lena looked out the window. She really wanted to spend more time with Kareem. She couldn’t understand why she was so afraid to admit it to him. Kareem began to nibble on her neck, causing her to giggle. “Okay. Okay.”
“Oh, good. I thought I was going to have to do some more convincing.”
Lena licked her lips. “What kind of convincing?”
Kareem took her glass from her and sat it on the side table. Then he got down on his knees in front of her. “I am not above resorting to begging.”
“And I am not above changing my mind just to get you to beg.”
“Oh really.” Kareem spread Lena’s legs and licked his lips. “Well I am going to have your pretty pussy for dessert and you can decide if you want to change your mind or not.”
Lena leaned back against the arm of the chair. “Help yourself.”
Kareem nodded and did just that. He gently sucked and licked Lena until she had her hands in his hair. Then he pushed her legs even wider apart and feasted on her. Lena held his head closer to her as she climaxed. She was breathing heavy, chest moving up and down. Kareem looked up at her and their eyes locked. Her grin was intoxicating. Kareem kissed his way up her body, removing his shirt from her on his way up. His dick slipped right in her slick walls as if it were a missile in search of her heat. Lena arched her back and wrapped her legs around Kareem’s waist.
He whispered in her ear. “You gonna stay with me?”
Lena nodded and held his bottom lip in between hers.

Lena woke up before the sun. She was tangled up in the sheets and Kareem’s limbs. It took her a few moments to carefully get free so that she could go to the bathroom. As she washed her hands she smiled at her reflection. Kareem had left a few passion marks on her neck and chest. They alternated talking and fucking all night long. When he went downstairs to get them dinner, he came back with food and her overnight bag. Gloria had returned to the party, which hadn’t stopped in the absence of the guest of honor. Inside of Lena’s bag, on top of her toiletry bag, was a note from Gloria telling her to live only in the moment for as long as possible.
As much as Lena wanted to be sensible and leave before she got in too deep with Kareem, she couldn’t. He made her feel so good that she simply didn’t want to leave him. He gave her a massage while listening to her talk about all the stress she had at work. He talked about his dependence on video games to get him through graduate school with his sanity in tact. Lena shared with him that her crutch to get through graduate school was partying. That was a habit she was slowly trying to still let go of. They connected physically and during their conversations. Lena knew that the small amount of time was not enough to build anything on. She also knew that he was moving to the other side of the country.
When she came out of the bathroom, Kareem was lying on his back. The sun still hadn’t broke the horizon. Lena decided to take Gloria’s advice. She crawled across the bed and planted a kiss on the tip of his dick. It was officially his birthday and Lena was going to wake him up and make sure he enjoyed every minute of it.

Lena walked down the walkway and laughed remembering how Nathan had to basically drag Kareem out of the house. Eric and the guys had gone through a lot of trouble to set up the actual birthday celebration for him. It was at a White Party on a boat. Kareem threw a tantrum the entire time he got ready. He kept trying to stop Lena from getting ready. Macie had to kick him out of his own room. Lena wasn’t annoyed by his behavior in the slightest. It made her feel like he really wanted to be with her. While they were on the boat ride, she kept trying to give him space so he could enjoy his friends who made it down to the weekend celebration. Kareem kept finding his way to wherever she was.
“This dude has a homing device for you.” Gloria giggled when she saw him coming over to her for the fifth time.
Lena knew it all had to end. She actually felt sick about it. The boat docked and she wasn’t sure how she was going to get away from him. Eric made that easy for her.
“Man, why do you keep following my sister around? You thirty years too young for her. She likes them guys who want to spend their social security checks on her.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Kareem snapped at Eric.
At first Lena wanted to stay and curse Eric out. Then she wanted to stay and hear Kareem curse Eric out. She was certain that Macie was going to dig into him as well. But the boat was docking and reality was settling into her mind. Lena slipped away and headed down to the exit. Once the boat was fully docked, she got off and walked towards the parking lot.
“Lena, wait.”
Lena turned. She watched Kareem run past Gloria, who must have anticipated both her escape and her need for a ride home. The feelings Lena was feeling caused her to turn and keep walking.
Kareem caught up and stood in front of her. “Please don’t leave like this.”
“How would you prefer me to leave?”
“I would prefer to not have to ever let you go.”
He groaned. “I get it. I don’t want to get it but I do.”
“So why make this harder than it has to be.” Lena put her hand to her throat as she almost choked on those words. She had to look away. Her heart was not allowing her to look Kareem in the eyes.
He was quiet for a few moments. Then he turned her head so she had to look at him. He leaned in and kissed her softly. For a moment she thought he would say something. Then he kissed her again and walked back to the boat.

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