Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Janelle – Episode One

Janelle (with a picture of an open lily)


April 2005

When things decide to go downhill you have three options. You can try to go against the current. You can stand still and see how long before you get swept away. Or, you can grab the nearest sled like object and ride that current wherever it is trying to take you.

Janelle decided to ride the wave. The girls trip she had planned hoping to reconnect with her college friends had slowly spun out of control. After one evening of catching up and then spending the morning at the spa, everyone was going their separate ways. The group of eight had begun to split up, two pairs and a group of three, leaving Janelle sitting at the bar by herself. For a few moments, she tried to figure out where things went wrong. After her second Jack and Coke, she guessed that no one wanted the fat girl to join them on their adventures. One pair went to another casino to gamble and since Janelle didn’t gamble they didn’t think she would be interested. The trio talked of going to several different casinos on an exploration that would be a lot of walking and said Janelle wouldn’t possibly want to do all of that. The last pair simply disappeared after talking about going dancing.

Janelle looked down at her round body. She had always been the largest girl in the group. During college, she had always been included in activities. After graduation things seemed to fall off with her friends. Phone calls were rare. Emails were scarce. The only way Janelle was able to plan the trip was through the rise of social media. The third sip of her third drink finished the glass and Janelle officially hated social media, she hated her so-called friends, and she hated Las Vegas.

“Can I order food here?” Janelle asked after flagging down the bartender.

“Sure.” The bartender handed her a small menu.

Janelle glanced at it for a few seconds. “Wings. I want wings.”

The bartender smiled. “You want some fries too?”

“Do I look like I need fries?” Janelle suddenly felt fat again.

“Fries help to soak up the Jack.”

“Oh. Okay.” She smiled slowly. “Fries sound good.”


Janelle silently fussed at herself for thinking the bartender thought she was fat. Then she sighed. She figured since she was one buffet dinner from tipping two hundred fifty pounds, that made her fat. Typically it wasn’t something that bothered her but the entire morning her friends talked about exercise regimens and diets that worked for them. The entire conversation required Janelle to keep a smile on her face. It was fabricated but necessary to keep the conversation as short as possible.

“Here you are.” The bartender sat a large plate of wings and fries in front of her.

“Thanks.” Janelle smiled. She slowly began to dig into her plate, trying not to look like a piggy. No matter how slow she thought she was eating, it seemed like her plate was empty rather quickly.

“Would you like another drink?” He took Janelle’s plate.


He lingered for a minute, afraid to verbally ask the next question.

Janelle looked down and then back up again. She understood the silence. “Yes, let me get another order of wings and fries. You guys got honey mustard?”

“I think so. I’ll check with the kitchen.”

Janelle looked behind her while things began to happen on the small stage to the left of the bar. She had her fourth drink gone and her plate arrived by the time she realized that they were going to have karaoke. Instantly Janelle did the happy dance. She loved karaoke. Every other Tuesday night was spent at a bar near her house doing karaoke with friends. It took her a few times before she was confident to sing in front of people she knew. That night, she didn’t know a single person in the bar.

The bartender came over with a clipboard. “You looked like you are itching to get up there.”

“Thank you.” Janelle smiled and signed the list. She also made a mental note to tip that bartender well for being so nice to her.

When her turn came up, Janelle got down from the barstool and walked over to the stage. At this point, she was five drinks in and feeling confident as hell.

“Maroon 5?” The DJ looked at the clipboard. Then he looked up at her. “Really?”

“Yup.” Janelle smiled. A few seconds later the beginning of the song came on and she slipped into the zone. She Will Be Loved was one of her favorite songs and Janelle put all her years on the choir into it. She was tickled that people began to sway and sing with her at the end of the song. It felt good to have backup singers. The DJ was the first to give her a high five and she got several others on her way back to her seat at the bar.  The urge to get another drink was strong but Janelle instead decided to pay her tab. She left the bartender a twenty dollar tip and headed off before he could say anything.

“Hey, beautiful.”

Janelle knew the guy was talking to her but she chose to pretend not to hear him.

He grabbed her arm. “I’m talking to you.”

Her heart stopped for a moment. The guy’s grip was very strong and she knew it was going to leave a bruise.

“You should come and spend some time with me. Let me show you a good time.”

“No thank you.”

“You shouldn’t be alone beautiful.” The guy pulled Janelle close to him.

She turned her head. He reeked of cigarettes and beer. “Um…”

“She isn’t alone.”

Janelle looked over and followed the hand that was on her shoulder. It led to a very handsome, but very white, man. Austin was not at all the type of guy she thought she would be attracted to but the attraction was very real. He was a full head taller and much more in shape than the other guy. Though he had the sweetest eyes, they also looked like he would tear that man in half. She tried to smile. “Hey.”

The smelly guy let her go when Austin took Janelle’s hand. Janelle walked over to the other side of Austin. The smelly guy took a step back. “My bad. She been alone all night.”

“Well, she isn’t alone now.” Austin put his arm around Janelle and walked her out of the bar.

They were going up the escalator when Janelle felt herself calm down. She was now standing opposite Austin. “Thank you.”

“I was worried you were going to break that dude’s wrist.”

Janelle laughed. “I didn’t even think about doing that.”

“He really weirded you out?”

Janelle nodded and looked away.

“Well, I’m glad I got up the nerve to come over.”

“Me too.”

“Your name is Janelle, right?”

“Yes. How do you know?”

“I was in the bar long enough to hear your wonderful performance.”


Janelle walked towards the lobby. Austin couldn’t help but watch her hips sway in the dress she was wearing. They were just as hypnotizing as her voice. His heart skipped a beat when she turned to him quickly. He hoped she didn’t notice that he was watching her walk. In saving her from one creepy guy, he didn’t want to come across as just another creepy guy.

“What is your name?”


Janelle couldn’t help but laugh.


“I’m sorry.” Janelle looked away and then back at Austin.

“Let me guess…”

“Your name fits you.”

“Common white boy name.”

“You’re clearly not a boy.”

“Thank you for noticing.”

“Do you work out?”

Austin laughed. “Yeah. I do.”

“I don’t.” Janelle laughed.

“Beautiful, do you need to?”

“Are you calling me beautiful because you forgot my name.”

“No, Janelle. I think you are beautiful.” Austin smiled as he resisted the urge to kiss her.

Janelle turned away to keep him from seeing her blush. “Thanks.”

“Are you okay getting back to your room?”

“Yup. I just don’t want to go up there.”

“What do you want to do?”

Janelle quickly turned to Austin, causing him to stop inches away from her. She looked up at him. “Is that a trick question?”

Austin took a step back. “No.”

Janelle couldn’t help but take Austin in with her eyes. His t-shirt showed off his well-defined chest. She wanted to reach out and touch him. It startled her when she actually did reach out and touch his chest. She quickly took her hand back and turned. “I think I’ll take a walk. Jack is trying to get me in trouble.”

“Jack?” Austin paused and laughed. “You like whiskey?”

“It was my drink of choice tonight.”

“Not a bad choice.” Austin caught up with Janelle as she headed to the door. “Where are you going?”

“For a walk?”

“Where are you walking?”

Janelle stopped at the door. “Um… I don’t know.”

Austin nodded. “It’s eleven o’clock.”

“Is it really?” Janelle looked at her watch.



“I mean this city honestly never sleeps so if you want to take a walk you can. I don’t think you should go alone.”

“Are you from here?”

“From here, no. I live here.”

“How long have you lived here?”

“Three years.”

“Are you busy right now? I don’t want to keep you from something.” Janelle wanted to ask if he had a girlfriend but seemed foolish even thinking it. She knew there was no way that this insanely gorgeous guy was attracted to her chubby black ass. “I can just walk around the casino.”

“I don’t have anything going on. I just got off from work.” Austin put his arm through Janelle’s. “Let’s take a walk.”

Austin led Janelle out of the casino and they walked down the strip. Janelle looked over to him as they walked. It took her a bit to get up the nerve to speak again. “You work at the casino?”


“What do you do?”


“Like a bouncer?”

Austin laughed. “Sometimes.”

“That sounds exciting.”

“Does it?”

“Yes.” Janelle laughed. “I do data entry.”

“What kind of data?”

“The boring kind.”


“This was supposed to be a getaway to take my mind off that.” Janelle huffed. “That and to reconnect with my friends.”

“Friends?” Austin looked around.

“Yeah. I came with seven other people.”

“So, where are they?”

Janelle groaned. “I don’t want to talk about them. It makes me want to drink. I just…”

“Okay. That’s cool.” Austin stopped and turned Janelle to face a pond. He looked at his watch. “This will take your mind off that.”


“Just watch.”

Suddenly music began to play. Janelle’s eyes got wide as the light show began. She felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Austin laughed as she displayed her excitement by clapping and jumping up and down. Once it was done she turned to him and smiled.

“That was awesome.”

“Glad you liked it.”

“What is it?”

“This is the Bellagio. They do this fountain show several times a day.”

“This is so cool.”

“So, what would you like to see next?”

Janelle looked at Austin. She had hoped to have sobered up a bit more at that point but she still felt a little out of control. She stepped forward, getting very close to him, but then stepped back. Then she turned and started walking back towards the hotel. “I’m nuts. I should get back to the hotel.”

Austin reached out in time to gently grab Janelle by the arm. “Is it cool if I’m nuts with you?”

Janelle turned around and looked at Austin. He stepped closer to her, bent down, and kissed her. His lips were soft yet the kiss had just enough desire in it to cause Janelle to moan. Once he stepped away from the kiss, it took her a moment to catch her breath. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“I know we just met but…”

“You are trying to find a non-creepy way to get me to go home with you.”

Austin smiled. “Yes.”

“Are you driving?”


“Well, then we should get back to your car before I come to my senses.”

“I want you in control of your senses when you make this decision.”

“I don’t know if I can be. You are the sexiest white guy I have ever met.”

Austin nodded. “Sounds like you are pretty sensible.”

Janelle laughed. “I don’t want to be too forward and sound silly.”

Austin leaned down and whispered. “I’m dying to explore your curves.”

“I got a lot of them.”

“So this will take awhile. I’m here for it.” Austin kissed Janelle and then led her back to the hotel.

They went around the side to the employee garage. Austin helped Janelle climb up into his pickup truck. She started to say something but he stopped her.

“No comments about the white guy and a pickup.”

She laughed. “I was going to ask about this guitar.”

“White guy, pickup truck, guitar.”

“I’m guessing you play.”

“I do.”

“In a band?”

“Not anymore. It is more an outlet to relax.”

“I need one of those.”

“A guitar?”

“No.” Janelle laughed. “An outlet to relax.”

“Ah. Yeah, you should try relaxing.”

Janelle looked out the window as Austin drove down a dark street. “Are we in the desert?”

“Not exactly.” Austin pressed a button on the remote attached to his sun visor and lights came on in front of his house. “Most of this place is still under construction. I was one of the first people to buy a lot in this development.”

“The lighting helps.”

“Just added it last month.” Austin pulled into his garage. He turned off the car and looked at his hands before looking over at Janelle.

“Are you sure you wanna…”

Austin leaned over and kissed Janelle. “Only if you are sure you…”

Janelle wrapped her arms around Austin’s neck and kissed him. She pouted when he pulled back. “What?”

“How about we go in the house?”

“Good idea.” Janelle unbuckled her seat belt and opened the door. “Lawd this is up high.”

Austin got out and walked around to her door. He took her hand and helped her out of the truck. Janelle watched him walk into the house. She couldn’t help but reach out and grab his ass.

She giggled. “You really do work out.”

Austin turned to her as he walked backward down his hallway. “Yeah, I do.”

“You don’t want me grabbing your ass?”

“Actually, I wanted to show you what I like to do at the gym.”

“And what is that?”

Austin leaned in and kissed Janelle on her neck. His hands traced her curves, starting at her breasts. He ran them down her waist and over her butt. He almost stopped there but he remembered his plan. Janelle stepped closer to him. Austin got a good grip on her thighs and lifted her up in the air.

Janelle squealed. “Oh my.”

Austin kissed her. “You are perfect.”

“Am I?” Janelle wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Oh yeah.” Austin pushed her dress up over thighs as he walked her into his bedroom.

Janelle was amazed that he carried her like she didn’t weigh what she thought she did. Clothes magically disappeared and a condom appeared just as magically. All the stereotypes she had heard about white guys quickly escaped her mind as he pushed deep inside of her. Janelle hung her head back and moaned. Austin took that opportunity to kiss her clavicle and work his way down to the tops of her breasts while working in and out of her. He was fascinated by her. Janelle wrapped her arms around his shoulders and arched her back, allowing her breasts to rise higher. The fact that Austin had her up in the air for so long thrilled her. Yet she was not disappointed when he gently placed her on the bed. She was not disappointed as his hands and lips explored every part of her body that they could reach.

Austin could not seem to get enough of her. They rolled around on the bed and enjoyed each other for hours. Finally, Janelle climaxed so hard she could do nothing after but drift off to sleep.


The next morning Austin drove Janelle back to the hotel. He pulled up at the back entrance and turned to her.

“Please let me take you to breakfast.”

Janelle smiled at him. “My flight is at one.”

“So, I can take you to breakfast and then to the airport.” Austin looked away. “Unless you wanted to head back with your friends.”

“No.” Janelle huffed.

“Okay then.”

Janelle smiled. “It is going to take me a minute. I need to shower and change. I can meet you back here in a half hour.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Janelle was thankful that her roommate had already headed down to breakfast. She was able to quickly shower and change without any interruption. Once her things were packed she looked at herself in the mirror. There was a glow to her and she couldn’t help but smile. That smile only grew when she exited the hotel to find Austin waiting for her. He smiled back, silently thanking God that he decided to walk through the casino at the end of his shift rather than escaping out the back as he normally would. For ten of the thirty minutes she was inside, Austin drove around trying to figure out a way to keep her in Vegas. He finally came to his senses and hoped that breakfast would not be the last time he saw her.

They ate and talked about vacations they had been on.

“I trust you will not be traveling with this group again.”

Janelle frowned her face up. “Not ever again in this here life.”

Austin laughed. “I’m glad you did this time.”

“I am glad I did too. I got to see that all friendships don’t last forever.” Janelle paused. “I also got to spend a wonderful night with you.”

“I have no illusions that I will see you again.” Austin touched her hand. “Though I would love it if I could.”

“I don’t know when I will be back here.”

“And I don’t know when I would ever get to DC.”

Janelle pulled out a piece of paper she had taken from the desk in her hotel room. Before she left she wrote her phone number and email on it. “I’m terrible with talking on the phone but I do write letters. I guess that is the same as emails.”

Austin pulled out a paper he had gotten from the valet at the hotel before Janelle had come back out with her bags. “Well, both my email and my home address are there. You can have your pick if you are so moved.”

They exchanged papers. Janelle looked down at her watch. “We should get going.”

“If we must.” Austin pouted and then smiled.

Janelle refused to let him do anything more than helping her out of the truck and hand her her bags. “Thank you, Austin.”

“You’re welcome, Janelle.”

“I promise to write if you promise to respond.”

He leaned down and kissed her. “You can start with an email letting me know that you arrived home safely and didn’t kill any of your friends along the way.”

She laughed. “Okay.”

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