Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Janelle – Episode 2

May 2009


Janelle sat on the plane until she was the last person besides the flight attendants. Nervousness filled her body and she questioned her impulsive plane ticket purchase. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend of three years, she vented on social media. An hour later she got a private message from Austin. They had been communicating via letters and emails before she began her relationship. That communication fell off with the demands of a boyfriend and a new job. They had gone a few months without a word when, out of the blue, he sent her a friend request on social media. She accepted and their communication became that of picture likes and occasional comments to status posts. That day was the first time he had ever sent her a private message via social media.

Austin began by asking her to take the rant down. He felt it was childish, and though he didn’t know her that well, he knew she was not a childish person. Janelle sighed, closed the message, and then deleted her rant. It was the middle of the night so she was sure that not too many people saw it. Then she went back to the message from Austin. It wasn’t a long message. It simply told her that she was beautiful and amazing and shouldn’t think that a failed attempt at romance would change any of that about her. He closed by saying that he had recently been through a bad breakup himself and wished that he could hug her in hopes that it would make her feel better.

The next thing Janelle knew she had purchased a plane ticket to spend two nights in Las Vegas. She didn’t have room in her schedule to spend much more time than that. Getting a hotel room didn’t cross her mind until she was in the airport about to catch her flight. That’s when she decided to call Austin.

“This is nuts but I’m on my way to Vegas. I should have told you sooner but I really just decided to come out after I read your message. This is my cell phone number. I’m getting on the plane in a few minutes. I totally understand if you leave me a voicemail saying that I’m psycho.”

Her phone was turned off the entire flight. She took a deep breath and turned it on as she walked up the ramp and into the terminal. Half expecting to not hear anything from Austin, Janelle was excited to see that she had a voicemail message.

“If you didn’t change your mind on your long flight, and I pray you didn’t, wait for me at baggage claim.”

Janelle slowly walked to baggage claim. She had only brought a small roll-on suitcase, that she was able to carry on the flight with her, and her purse. There was a crowd of people in front of her and that allowed her to blend in enough to look around and see if she saw Austin before he saw her. After a few moments, she saw him pacing nervously near the baggage carousel. He looked as if he hadn’t changed one bit. That made her very aware of how much she had changed. Janelle was fifty pounds lighter and her hair was considerably shorter. She wondered if he would even recognize her. That fear was quickly dealt with when Austin spotted her. He rushed over and lifted her off her feet with a hug.

Resisting the urge to kiss Janelle was really hard for Austin. He put her down and took a step back to look at her. He had seen the posts about her weight loss journey but chose to ignore them because he was not a fan. He still found her to be incredibly beautiful it was just that the motivation behind the weight loss seemed to be her previous boyfriend. At least that was how it came across in her posts and her ex-boyfriend’s comments to her posts. 

“You look gorgeous and tired.”

Janelle smiled. “I actually took a nap on the plane.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“You haven’t changed at all.”

“You have.” Austin reached out and turned her face gently when she tried to look away. “Don’t do that.”

“I really didn’t plan this out very well.”

“Where are you staying?”

“Um… I…”

“Okay.” Austin smiled. “I can get you a room at one of the casinos or…”

Janelle smiled at him. She kept repeating in her head how crazy she was but it didn’t stop her from what she wanted. “I don’t mind staying with you. I kinda only came to see you.”

Austin smiled. “Okay. That sounds like a plan then.”

Austin took Janelle’s suitcase in one hand and her hand in the other. They headed out to the parking garage. Janelle stopped as Austin put her suitcase in the back of his truck. She shook her head.

“This one is bigger than the last one.”

Austin smiled. He held his hand out and helped Janelle into the truck. “I hated to part with my last one but it didn’t want to be with me anymore.”

“I can’t imagine.” Janelle winked at him.

“I did not treat her as well as I should have.”


“My truck.” He smiled at Janelle. 

“Ah.” Janelle winked at Austin. 

Austin shut the door and drove them to his house. Janelle looked out the window and was amazed at the change in scenery. The entire neighborhood was full of completed and occupied houses. Porch and driveway lights lit up the way. 

“Things really have changed.”

“Yeah, I didn’t have neighbors and now I have too many.”

Janelle laughed. “You miss the construction?”

“That didn’t bother me nearly as much as my neighbors do.” Austin pulled into the garage. “I gotta get a place with some land.”

“I don’t even have a balcony.”

“Really?” Austin turned the truck engine off.

“Yeah. I just moved into an apartment in DC.”

Austin nodded. “I need outdoor space.”

“But this is the desert.”

“So.” Austin laughed and then got out of the truck. He came around and helped Janelle out. She was standing so close to him he almost kissed her. Instead, he got her suitcase out of the truck. 

Janelle shut the door to the truck and followed Austin into the house. She looked around. “I know I wasn’t here for very long last time but everything kinda looks the same.”

“Yeah, I am not big on decorating or redecorating.”

“Well, you said you had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, she broke up with me because she hated this place.”

Janelle stopped walking and gasped. “Are you serious?”

“No.” Austin laughed. “She didn’t like how much I work.”

“Oh.” Janelle sighed in relief. “You work a lot?”

“Two jobs.”

“Still at the casino?”

“A different one.”

“Oh.” Janelle leaned against the wall. “Am I going to be interrupting your work schedule?”

“Actually, no. I mean I work tomorrow for a few hours but that won’t be a big deal. I am back at the casino Sunday but I can get someone to cover for me.”

“Are you sure?”

Austin pulled Janelle into his arms. “Yes, I am sure.”

Janelle leaned her head back. “It has been four years.”

“Yup.” Austin smiled. “I have a vague memory of what it is like to kiss you but it’s a little foggy.”

Before Janelle could say anything, Austin kissed her. He got excited because the kiss was exactly as he remembered it. Despite what he had said, Janelle’s lips were permanently etched in his memory. He couldn’t help but pick her up. Janelle wrapped her legs around his waist. Austin had his hands on her thighs and moved his kiss down to her neck. She hated to stop him but she leaned back against the wall.

“I feel icky from the flight.”

Austin nodded and put Janelle down. “Let me show you to the guest room.”

“Guest room?”

Austin laughed at the attitude in her voice. “I’m just saying if you want some private space…”

Janelle shrugged. “I understand you are trying to be a gentleman but do you want me to sleep in here?”


Janelle laughed and swatted at his arm. “I’m going to shower. I can keep my suitcase in this guestroom of yours so that it won’t be in your way.”

“I will be down the hall if you need me.” Austin paused. “Are you hungry?”


“Do you know what you want to eat?”

“Something that doesn’t belong on any diet plan.”

Austin laughed. “Sounds good to me.”

Janelle opened her suitcase and pulled out a few things before going into the adjoining bathroom to shower. The warm water calmed her nerves. After ten relaxing minutes, she got out of the shower. She put on some lotion and thought about how strange yet wonderful it was to see Austin again. Then she decided it was strange but she would roll with it. She hadn’t spent 24 hours with the man and now she was spending the weekend at his house. Janelle put on her panties and a t-shirt before heading back into the bedroom to figure out what she was going to put on. She had packed three dresses, two pairs of pants, a skirt, and several shirts. Her friend Lana had pressed into her brain that she needed options. 

Remembering Lana, Janelle picked her phone up off the bed and sent her a text message letting Lana know that she had arrived. She also added that she was with Austin and the address that Lana insisted she leave with her was still accurate.

“That was quick. I thought for sure you were going to be in there for an hour.”

Janelle turned to see Austin in the doorway to the guest room.

“Well I haven’t figured out what to wear yet so technically I’m not done.”

“Do you know how gorgeous you are?” Austin leaned in the doorway.

Janelle shrunk down slightly, shoulders rolling forward as her eyes focused on her bare feet. “You don’t have to flirt.”

“This isn’t flirting. It’s honesty.” Austin smiled as Janelle looked up at him.

Janelle put her phone down. “I’m pretty. Gorgeous is a stretch.”

“I see I’m going to spend every second of this entire weekend making sure that how gorgeous you are is etched in your brain.” Austin walked over to Janelle and pulled her close to him. He kissed her and then smiled. “I ordered pizza and wings.”

“That sounds like heaven.”

“I’m going to hop in the shower. They’re slow so take your time.” Austin backed away. “Although I think you look perfect in what you have on.”

Janelle blushed. She had been trying not to but she couldn’t hold it back any longer. She felt silly when he walked back down the hall. It took a certain amount of brazenness for her to even fly to Las Vegas to see him. Blushing seemed so childish in comparison. 

Her ringing cell phone prompted Janelle to sit on the bed and answer Lana’s call.

“So you really are staying with this guy for the weekend?”


Lana sighed. “Well, I know you are probably spending too much time thinking you are crazy so stop that immediately.”

“This is crazy though.”

“But you are committed to it now. You can always go and stay in a hotel but I am pretty sure that isn’t what you want to do.”

“We are about to eat pizza and wings.”

“Oh, so we are forgetting about the diet too?”

“Fuck the diet.”

Lana laughed. “I want the record to reflect that I thought all the dieting was stupid to begin with.”

“Yes, yes I remember.”

“Don’t think about Kevin this weekend. Try and have some fun.”

“I’m gonna try.”

“What did you decide to change into?”

“I got as far as a t-shirt. But Austin says that is perfect.”

Lana laughed. “Well now. Okay. You just make sure to let him know that your friend is not above flying out to end him if he hurts you.”

“I’m not telling him that.”

“Fine. I will message him on social media then.”

“You better not.”

“Make sure you text me in the morning so I don’t worry.”

“You told me to not think this is crazy and now you want to worry.”

“Yes. I am going to worry and think this is crazy so you don’t have to cause that’s what friends are for.” Lana giggled. “Now get off this phone and enjoy your evening.”

“You called me.”

“I had to hear your voice to make sure someone else wasn’t texting for you.”

“Oh my god. Bye girl.”


Janelle hung up the phone and shook her head. She turned and looked in the mirror that was on the wall. Her thighs and arms made her frown. She wasn’t able to lose much weight in those areas. Kevin had suggested she get liposuction and a tummy tuck. A tear escaped her eye and she turned from the mirror. She decided to walk down the hall. Austin was sitting on his bed, in a pair of pajama pants, looking at his laptop. He looked up at her and smiled.

“I’m glad you didn’t put on more clothes.” Austin felt like he needed a much longer cold shower than he took.

Janelle smiled and looked away. “I have some shorts.”

Austin motioned for her to come over to him. “Please don’t.”

Janelle walked slowly over to him. “It’s just…”

“If you are uncomfortable then I’m not going to stop you.” Austin noticed the tears welling in Janelle’s eyes. “What’s wrong?

“Do you think I need liposuction?”

“No.” Austin frowned his face up. Then he sighed. “Did that asshole say you needed liposuction?”

“I lost weight because he wanted to lose weight and he thought surgery would help.”

“That’s because he’s an ass.” Austin pulled her into his arms. “Are you happy with how you look?”

“I don’t know anymore.”

Austin kissed her on her lips. “Is that why you guys broke up?”

“My insurance won’t pay for cosmetic surgery unless it is medically necessary. My doctor won’t say it’s necessary because she wants me to give my body time to adjust to the weight loss. Kevin won’t help me pay for it so I said I wasn’t going to do it.” Tears fell from Janelle’s eyes. “So he started seeing one of the girls at the gym. I had to move out.”

“Wow.” Austin pulled Janelle down on his lap.

“He couldn’t have gotten her before he lost the weight.” Janelle wiped her eyes.

“I have seen it happen before. Odds are she will dump him in a few months. He better not put any weight back on either.” Austin kissed Janelle on her neck. “How could he have walked away from an angel like you.”

“You barely know me.”

“I know enough to know you’re perfect.”

Janelle laughed. She turned her head as the doorbell rang. “You better answer that.”

“Yes. I need to feed you.” Austin got up, lifting Janelle up. Then he sat her on the bed. “Wait here.”

Janelle grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes while Austin left to go answer the door. A few moments later he was back. She stood up. “Kitchen?”

“Living room.”


“I fear I will be too distracted by you and the bed to eat in here.”

Janelle smiled at him. “I haven’t had pizza in over a year. No distractions until I get at least three slices.”

Austin laughed and led Janelle to the living room. They sat down on the couch and began to eat. While they ate, Austin entertained Janelle with wild stories from the casinos of Las Vegas. He told her of many attempted robberies and fights. Janelle gasped when Austin told her about a recent incident where someone pulled a knife on him.

“Are you serious?”

“Yup.” Austin pointed to the scar on his left forearm. 

“Oh wow.”

“Only ten stitches.”

“Only ten.” Janelle shook her head.

“The guy got a broken nose from me and cracked rib from my coworker Sean.”

“I know you work in security but this sounds really dangerous.”

“It isn’t that bad. Most of the time it is actually pretty boring.” Austin hung his head back. 

“Would you rather be doing something else?”

He looked up. “No. I love what I do.”

Janelle smiled. “That’s a good thing then.”

“Do you love what you do?”

Janelle huffed. “I have been working for the government for two years. It’s a job. It pays bills.”

“What would you like to do?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“You know what I would like to do?”


Austin leaned over and kissed her. “That.”

Janelle blushed. She looked away for a moment to get her nerve back. Then she climbed on Austin’s lap. His hands slowly inched up her thighs, over her ass, and then up to her waist. Janelle traced her fingers across his bare, muscular chest. Austin pulled Janelle’s shirt over her head and, before she could say a word, took her nipple into his mouth. Janelle did not remember Austin being a breast man but he was getting a lot of pleasure playing with hers and causing her to moan. She could feel his dick throbbing against her thigh. After a few moments, Austin stood up, with Janelle still in his arms. She quickly wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to his bedroom.


Janelle woke up the next morning wrapped in a sheet. She sat up and looked around the bedroom. The house was quiet. There was a note on the nightstand. Austin had gone to teach a class and said he would be back by eleven. Janelle checked the clock and smiled. She loved sleeping in and was pleased that it was a quarter to eleven. Kevin had always been an early riser and very loud when he was awake. She hadn’t even noticed that Austin left. 

Slowly, she got out of bed. She wrapped the sheet around her and went in search of her shirt and underwear. She finally found them both in the guest room, neatly folded next to her suitcase. That caused her to giggle. Janelle grabbed a few things and went to shower.

Austin walked in the house and went straight to look in his bedroom. He pouted when he saw that Janelle was no longer in his bed. He turned to look down the hallway and there she was, standing in the guest bedroom doorway wearing a sundress and having him question how he got to be so blessed. 

Janelle picked the sheet up off the floor. “I was going to strip your bed and put the sheets in the wash.”

“I can do it.” Austin smiled. “If you do my laundry, I will be forced to kidnap you and keep you here forever.”

Janelle laughed. She handed him the sheet. “I didn’t know what we would do today. I hope this dress works.”

“You look beautiful.”

“You look like you have been to the gym.” Janelle giggled.

Austin looked down at his shorts and t-shirt. “Yeah. My other job.”

“Is at a gym?”

“I’m a personal trainer.”

“Wow.” Janelle looked down.

“Don’t do that.”

She looked up at him. “You are a personal trainer and think my fat ass is beautiful.”

“You are not fat but your ass is quite beautiful.”

Janelle couldn’t help but laugh. “Seriously.”

“I spent so much time in the gym in college and before I got the job at the casino. Those gym rats do absolutely nothing for me.”

“It’s just that…”

“Janelle…” Austin paused. “It is a beautiful day out. What would you like to do today?”

“I don’t know. Is there anything to do that doesn’t involve a casino?”

Austin laughed. “I shall take you on a tour.”

After Austin showered and got dressed, they headed out. They started with his favorite local diner where Janelle was delighted with an omelet the size of a dinner plate. Then Austin took her around to see all of his favorite things. They stayed in the car for most of the trip, only stopping at the zoo. Janelle convinced Austin to take her in since he had also never been in. Though he was not at all entertained by the animals, Austin enjoyed walking and talking with Janelle as she told him about her love of the National Zoo in DC. The more he learned about her the harder he felt it was going to be to take her to the airport the next day.

“So I was thinking that we could go out someplace fancy for dinner.”

“I happened to pack a fancy outfit.”

“Is it a dress?”

“Yes, it is.”

Austin grinned. “Awesome. I love how you look in dresses.”

Janelle laughed. “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Are you going to wear a suit?”

“You want to see me in a suit?”


“Well, then I will wear a suit.”


Janelle led the way into the house. Austin kept reaching for her waist and she sped up to stay just out of his reach. They had gone to dinner at the Bellagio followed by a tour of the lobby. Then they sat outside and watched the light show three times before Janelle yawned. Austin was tired but also wanted to hold her in his arms. He finally slipped his arms around her waist as she stopped to take her shoes off. 

“Are you sleepy?” Austin whispered in her ear.


He chuckled. “Good. Me too.”

Janelle went to step forward and Austin swept her off her feet. He carried her to his room. She laughed noticing that he must have made the bed while she was getting dressed. He put her down and then proceeded to unzip her dress. After hanging it across his chair, he got undressed and they both got in his bed. Austin kissed her softly on the neck as he slipped his arms around her waist.

“Goodnight Janelle.”

She smiled. “Goodnight Austin.”


Janelle woke up to the sun shining in her eyes. She looked down to see Austin, fast asleep, with his head on her breasts. She barely shifted positions when he opened his eyes and looked up at her. Janelle looked into his brown eyes and desperately didn’t want to leave. For a few seconds, her mind tried to come up with a million ways for her to stay in Las Vegas. She finally sighed internally but smiled at him. She knew that what they had was likely only great because they weren’t around each other and that it would only ruin it to pursue an actual relationship. 

Austin had tried to come up with ways he could get Janelle to stay but all of them sounded crazy. He looked at her smile and hoped that fate would bring them back together again. Perhaps by then he would have a better plan to keep her with him. But for that moment, he decided to pull her down in the covers with him and he kissed her. Austin chose to show her as much pleasure as he could in her remaining moments with him.

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