Daily Posts · Poetry


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”


more days than not

driving a car that is on auto-pilot

giving advice to people through one-sided glass

all they see is their reflection

all they hear is what they want to hear


unable to see the path through all the fog

grieving deep inside my shell

dreams floating high out of my reach

world crumbling around me

unable to see how I can help fix

not sure I have the glue to help rebuild

glue isn’t working on me


yet not hopeless

I may not see the end of the rainbow

but at least I see colors


And take the midget with you

you and the midget must go the greed you attract makes me ill it follows you and you follow me as I attempt to deliver parcels of hope and smiles after life’s storms the clouds part ways the sun peeks out and there I am and there you are weighing me down with your pipe… Continue reading And take the midget with you


Skyline View

bright lights reflected in unnaturally still waters at the feet of skyscrapers with a Napolean complex I long for change trees older than some cities reaching to the heavens able to tell stories of long ago fileds of grass mowed only by animals who travel freely and want for nothing mountains hovering guarding the trees protecting… Continue reading Skyline View