What if it were on your front porch?

I woke up, 3 am, thinking about the grandmothers who can’t go get their medication because the drug store was burned down. I scratched my head and tried to think about where the next closest drug store was. I wondered if the mall was going to open later today. People talk about access to fresh... Continue Reading →

Knowing your mistakes: The gift and the curse

I woke up from a dream that I was both hoping not to finish and anxious to see what happened at the end. I dream in epic fashion. It is not uncommon for my dreams to go from romantic comedy to gangster movie to Marvel comic action movie to musical to WTF in a matter... Continue Reading →

Don’t be foolish…

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Fool Me Once." This prompt made me chuckle. I absolutely hate the whole notion of April Fool's Day. I am not a fan of pranks. Don't get me wrong. I have pulled a few pranks in my time, most of them when I was a kid. Although... Continue Reading →

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