Ms. Berry’s Book Review – Island Fling with the Tycoon

I got a copy of this from Netgalley and I am so glad I did. I have at least two other Therese Beharrie books in my Kindle Library and now I am super excited to read them. I loved this book. Piper and Caleb were such interesting and layered characters. There was so much growth... Continue Reading →

Ms. Berry’s Book Review – Shots Not Taken

Let's first reflect on the cover. ... ... ... Okay... Now... Jayde is a singer/song writer. Naturally she isn't looking for a relationship right now. Niko is a friend of her best friend's new boyfriend. He is also a NBA player and aspiring singer. This book has a lot of twists in it and I... Continue Reading →

Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Janelle – Episode 2

May 2009   Janelle sat on the plane until she was the last person besides the flight attendants. Nervousness filled her body and she questioned her impulsive plane ticket purchase. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend of three years, she vented on social media. An hour later she got a private message from Austin.... Continue Reading →

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