Turtleberry the Foodie

Adding to my resume‚Ķ foodie and food truck competition judge. I was given the pleasure of being one of the judges at the Taste of 3 Cities Food Truck Competition in Baltimore yesterday. I never really considered myself a foodie, more of a skinny girl with an inner fat girl trapped inside. However, I was... Continue Reading →

The Turtleberry Mix Tape

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Mix Tape." So... I immediately got excited about today's daily post. I mean, if you have known me for ten minutes you know that I love music. Get to know me a little longer and you will find out that I love making mix tapes. Well, I... Continue Reading →

Dear Baltimore… if I were mayor…

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "We Built This¬†City." I truly do love my city. I love the good and the bad about this place. You can't really say you love a place (or anyone or anything for that matter) if you don't take the bad as well as the good. We have... Continue Reading →

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