Trust no one They are all out for something And I have nothing Everything is gone They have been here before And they have taken it all All the trust All the hope Left me paranoid Depressed Anxious Sitting in the corner No more tears Only screams I want to be normal A part of... Continue Reading →


like your favorite pair of Levi's snug in all the right places like those tennis you jog in the perfect fit leftover like last night's spaghetti now just right lost on winding roads in the countryside spilled over heaven's floor of clouds dripping on to fertile earth rich with GOD's love and filled with the... Continue Reading →


some days my world seems like a series of nuances and idiosyncrasies, coping with the resident trouble maker, my imagination, and pondering another breath or a gasp for fresh hope can i float can i float can i float or drown in the flood of inspiration held in by my damn reality   -Turtleberry 2007

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