Do you daydream?

Do you daydream? Do you sit and think about a life different from the one you are living now? Daydreaming can be a wonderful thing. I sit and I think about where I am and where I want to be. I imagine owning my own space. I am not sure what to call it but... Continue Reading →

HGTV Anonymous – Where is that meeting?

Is there a such thing? I mean what would we do in that meeting other than talk about and watch HGTV shows? Because if that is the case then I am totally there! I love watching and have been watching for years. I think my addiction began with Trading Spaces on TLC. Before that I... Continue Reading →

GOD bless the exes!

Okay so I know this may sound weird but I am really thankful for my past loves.No seriously. (Stop laughing and/or giving me the side eye.)I was tweeting yesterday about understanding your personal love language. Your love language (by my definition) is the way you show love. It can also be the way you best... Continue Reading →

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