HGTV Anonymous – Where is that meeting?

Is there a such thing?

I mean what would we do in that meeting other than talk about and watch HGTV shows? Because if that is the case then I am totally there!

I love watching and have been watching for years. I think my addiction began with Trading Spaces on TLC. Before that I would occasionally watch This Old House on PBS.

Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder changed my entire life.

There was a time when I would watch every show that came on HGTV. I was a junkie. I would turn it on when I got home and watch until I went to sleep.

Then I got rid of cable. It was sad, but it had to be done.

I would sneak and watch it when I was over someone’s house who had cable but otherwise it was like I had gone cold turkey.

Then the shows popped up on Netflix. Now I am debating buying episodes on Amazon. I am watching all that I can find on YouTube.

I fell off the wagon.

Now I want to begin to have my own income properties!

The only difference is that there are some shows that I am not really a fan of. I can’t get into Rehab Addict or the Flip or Flop show. My personality clashes with the hosts of those shows.

But who cares when there are the likes of The Property Brothers, House Hunters, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Income Property, and Fixer Upper. I absolutely adore Fixer Upper!!!!

I mean I get great joy in yelling at the homeowners on my screen. I cringe when they pick a house that I think isn’t the best one.

Hell, my last novel had a character who was inspired by watching 25 episodes of Holmes Inspection.

I need help.

I need someone to sponsor my need for cable for just that one channel. (Well I’d watch the Food Network too but that is another blog.)

Can I put episodes on my Amazon Wishlist?

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