Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Lena – Episode 7

Kareem leaned back in his desk chair and took a deep breath. He had read Lena’s email five times already. Each time he read it, he heard it in her voice. It reminded him of the Lena that he had met almost eight years earlier. In a calm and professional manner, she informed him that... Continue Reading →

Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Lena – Episode Six

Lena sat on the large hotel bed and cried. Evan, who had just turned four, sat at the foot of the bed and watched cartoons. Every so often he would turn and look back at his mother and smile, hoping it would make her smile. Most times she was able to force a smile for... Continue Reading →

Ms. Berry’s Sweet & Spicy Soaps – Janelle – Episode 2

May 2009   Janelle sat on the plane until she was the last person besides the flight attendants. Nervousness filled her body and she questioned her impulsive plane ticket purchase. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend of three years, she vented on social media. An hour later she got a private message from Austin.... Continue Reading →

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