Ms. Berry’s Book Review – As Good as The First Time

I had this book sitting in my Kindle Cloud and was going to get around to it but got distracted. Then I joined Net Galley and was able to get an advanced copy of the second book in the series. So, of course, I need to read the first book first. That is how these things work, right?

Man… this book was really good. Olivia and Clayton were quite the pair.

Her life basically fell apart and she was able to escape to spend time with family at just the right moment.

His life has been off since he broke a promise to her over ten years earlier.

Did I mention he is a hot fireman? (Can’t leave that part out.)

Then you add in Aunt Joyce, her sister Drea, and his brother and you have a recipe for a wonderful book.

This novel hit all the marks for me. It was a slower pace than my novella reading self is used to but it made sense with the length and plot. I really enjoyed all of their fumbling about.


As Good As The First Time by K.M. Jackson


Now I haven’t even peeked at the synopsis of the second book yet, but I am already loving this small town that the series is set in.

K.M. Jackson did a wonderful job so far.

Sugar Lake definitely has me interested.


If you are looking to start the series, find book one here.

If you want to pre-order book two, that would be this link here.


Happy Reading!

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