Dancing with Insanity

For love — I would
tickle the feet of a panther till he purred like a
child rubbing the belly of an
old woman on the beach in the mist of morning awaiting the
dawn of a new era of technological
breaking through daunting wooden drawbridges to
sand castles built by imaginative
dogs learning new
trick or treaters knocking on
doors of the church are always
open minded young poets write
prescriptions to ease the pain brought on by
Cancers are hard people to
read the fine print at the bottom of my cell phone
contracting diseases whose names have more
letters than a mail man
delivering a message.

For love — I would
run the Great Wall of
Chinese food has addictive
property owners anxious for a
sail boats floating through the harbor of
Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, not
Baltimore, home of Edgar Allen Poe, author of The
Ravens kick ass
holes in my sweater from the
moths near my old job were black and
white pages my sister sat on until she could reach the
table of contents is a required element for my term
paper and pencil sketch of a big breasted
woman writing out today’s to
do anything.

-Turtleberry 2007

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