How To Love Me

Love me like comfort food Gravy on your mashed potatoes Shrimp with your grits Chicken in your soup Leftover spaghetti and warm garlic bread   Love me like a crack addiction 24 hours without me leaves you feenin for your next hit Like potato chips after smoking a blunt or two Like when someone lightly... Continue Reading →

There are words there

From the moment our lips touched I knew there were words there I was prepared for my unexpected decision to break rules set by the stick-in-the-mud other half of my personality Love keeping people on their toes But I wasn't prepared for the split second bit of heaven that brightened a dark room when my... Continue Reading →

The Reason

Let me be the reason behind your smile. The random text message after a crazy commute. The note in your coat pocket describing/encouraging your world domination. The mental picture that causes the edges of your lips to stand at attention. The surprise home cooked lunch date. The giggles providing your mid-day energy boost. The infectious... Continue Reading →

My body

Kangaroo pouch Bumpy face Wild forest hair Very little baggage behind me Permanent clown shoes Awkward, saggy milk sacs Desert legs Small, coke bottle figure Hair filled with ocean waves Two, hand sized water balloons Chicken soup smile QVC hands Golden brown limbs Not every guy wants a junky trunk anyway! Flawed perfection Shy conceit... Continue Reading →

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