How To Love Me

Love me like comfort food
Gravy on your mashed potatoes
Shrimp with your grits
Chicken in your soup
Leftover spaghetti and warm garlic bread
Love me like a crack addiction
24 hours without me leaves you feenin for your next hit
Like potato chips after smoking a blunt or two
Like when someone lightly runs their finger across your skin after taking X
Like your first cup of coffee in the morning
Love me like Blue loves getting mail
Like Cookie Monster loves cookies
Like Oscar loves to bitch
Like you are Linus and I am your blanket
Love me like I’m the ice cream truck
And you’re a kid
Chasing after me
I am going to pull over for you
As soon as it is safe
Love me old-fashioned
Let me know how you feel
Take the lead
Romance me
Love me “Love Story”
Love me “Ghost”
Love me “Say Anything”
Love me “Poetic Justice”
Love me “The Princess Bride”
Love me “Jerry Maguire”
Love me “Brown Sugar”
Love me “Romeo and Juliet”… with better communication
Love me Coldplay “Yellow”
Love me Musiq Soulchild “143”
Love me Maxwell “Til the Cops Come Knockin”
Love me Tamia “Still”
Love me Babyface “Grown & Sexy”
Love me Anthony Hamilton “Can’t Let Go”
Love me Jill Scott “Lyzel in E Flat”
Love me Force MD’s “Tender Love”
Love me honestly and intelligently
Give me a seat in the top three spots
Or your clear list of priorities
Love me like the flu
On days when I find it hard to love myself
Love me like I love football
Passionately and dedicated
Always learning
With respect
Like I love my Ravens
Even when I fuck up
Even when I drop the ball
Even when I do shit that makes no sense
Love me Apple Computer
“The Power to Be Your Best”
Love me Maxwell House
“Good til the last drop”
Love me Campbell’s Soup
“Mmm Mmm Good”
Love me Nike
“Just do it”
Love me L’Oreal
“Because I’m worth it”
Love me crazy
Out of the box
Full time with benefits
Super Saiyan
Turtle powered
Candy coated
Dipped in chocolate
With a dollop of whipped cream
Love me sexy
Love me passionately
Love me patiently
Love me fearless
Just remember to love me

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