My body

Kangaroo pouch
Bumpy face
Wild forest hair
Very little baggage behind me
Permanent clown shoes
Awkward, saggy milk sacs
Desert legs

Small, coke bottle figure
Hair filled with ocean waves
Two, hand sized water balloons
Chicken soup smile
QVC hands
Golden brown limbs
Not every guy wants a junky trunk anyway!

Flawed perfection
Shy conceit
Wholesome sexiness
Brazen innocence
Exhibitionist in a turtle shell
Does one see from the outside looking in?
Or the inside looking out?

Altered perceptions
It is a rose in full bloom
So enticing that you have to pick it up
Pain follows, thorns in the palm of your hand
Attracting the old vultures and young wolves
But not the young tiger looking for a mate
One person’s “sexy” is another’s “whatever”

-Turtleberry 2004

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