30 Day Music Challenge Complete!

So… today is the last day of Black Music Month and I participated in this challenge by Naima Cochrane.

I shared the challenge with friends and one, Portia, decided to up the level of difficulty and say that we could not repeat artists. I had already done day 1, but still felt confident in my ability to pull this off. As easy as it would be to pick Prince and Michael Jackson songs for all 30 days… I can’t do that.

I listen to all kinds of music. I could fill this whole list with white artists but it is Black Music Month. That is what I really love about this challenge.

So here are my picks and a little bit about why I chose them.

DAY ONE: A song you were too damn young to be singing.

Well… yeah. I got popped a couple of times for singing this joint right here.


DAY TWO: Your favorite song from a soundtrack.

I love this song so much I used it for a scene in one of my novels. Every time I hear it I think of the scene from Romeo & Juliet and also the scene from my novel, These Women.


DAY THREE: A song that makes you think you can sing.

Listen. That love scene in Krush Groove…

Every time I hear this song I want to harmonize. I can’t really sing… but this song makes me think I can.


DAY FOUR: A problematic song you feel guilty for holding on to.

I just have never seen the point in “creepin”. I do, however, love this song.


DAY FIVE: A song that is about something totally different than you thought it was.

I went a smooth decade thinking this song was about a woman.


DAY SIX: Favorite hip-hop/r&b collaboration.

Do I even really need to say anything about this song? This will be played at my wedding and my spouse will know all the words to both parts.


DAY SEVEN: Favorite R&B Duet.

My cousin introduced me to this cd and I have been in love with this song ever since.


DAY EIGHT: Your favorite Remix.

I could never hear the original version of any of these songs again and be totally fine.


DAY NINE: A song that reminds you of your parents.

This was the first song that I think of when I think of my mother. Every Saturday morning for years she would break out the records and reel to reel and we would be cleaning the house while on the Mothership.


DAY TEN: A video you wish you could have been in.

My type of party.


DAY ELEVEN: A song that means summer to you.

Summertime. Cookouts. Fun. Pop the fire hydrant.


DAY TWELVE: A song that reminds you of your first love.

Oh man. So, this song…

This song happened to be playing the exact moment I realized that I was so in love with someone. It was also the same moment that let me know it wasn’t going to last.

Still love this song…


DAY THIRTEEN: A song that reminds you of someone you’ve lost.

This song reminds me of loss in general. I think of people when it plays.


DAY FOURTEEN: A song that always puts you in your feelings.

Tamia stay putting me in my feelings like she knows my life.


DAY FIFTEEN: Your idea of a perfect song.

The elements…

Also… come on… this one… whew…


DAY SIXTEEN: The song guaranteed to make you dance. 

First of all… party isn’t over until we do the Wobble.

I wrote a scene and included Rhythm of the Night in it.

Been rocking out to Zapp since I was in diapers. Seriously, you can ask my mom. LOL.

Not a Bey super-stan but this song is going to get me on the dance floor.

To the window… to the wall…

Wipe Me Down is just… I dunno… I can’t help myself.

The Ohio Players are awesome. This joint is part of my theme music. That whole opening part is so necessary.


DAY SEVENTEEN: The song you’d chose if your life depended on you singing every lyric/adlib. 

Been singing this since I was little and I still adore it.


DAY EIGHTEEN: A song that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

I need a nine-minute version of this song.


DAY NINETEEN: A song that soothes you.

I have an entire playlist dedicated to soothing me.


DAY TWENTY: A favorite cover song.

Well… naturally. LOL.


DAY TWENTY-ONE: A song that is attached to a really great memory.

When we weren’t old enough to listen to an Eddie Murphy comedy album or watch his movies we got to listen to this.


DAY TWENTY-TWO: A song you never get tired of hearing.

One of my proudest moments was when I came in the house and my sixteen-year-old son was whistling along to this song. I did a quality job with his musical education.


DAY TWENTY-THREE: A song people might be surprised that you love. 

My sister could not believe I liked this song.

Love is a strong word. I love all kinds of music and that doesn’t surprise anyone.

But I like this joint.


DAY TWENTY-FOUR: A song everyone loves that you decidedly don’t love.

I do not like this song.


Not at all.

Mad I had to post a picture of it.


DAY TWENTY-FIVE: A song that reminds you of yourself.

This song is so me.


DAY TWENTY-SIX: A song with your favorite lyrics.


Just yes.


DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: A song by an artist whose voice you love.

I love these voices.

Yes. I love Ludacris’ voice. Lawd!

The others need no explanation.


DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: A song you know (or act like you know) all the choreography to.

I dance better than I sing… barely. But, in my mind, I knew all the moves.


DAY TWENTY-NINE: A song you have to play loud.

If you don’t turn the volume up loud for at least the beginning of this song I am not sure we can be friends.


DAY THIRTY: A song that changed your life.

These dudes owe me child support.



So that is it for this challenge. Like I said, I really enjoyed it.

No repeats, unless you are super technical (and if you are you need to find better things to do with your life).

Follow Naima on twitter to check out her music sermons. They are wonderful.

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