12 Books in 12 Months in 2022

I decided to challenge myself in 2022. I wanted to release a book once a month for the entire year. In the beginning, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. But the words were flowing. The characters were talking. I had stories I wanted to share so I just went with it. Turns out I was able to do it with just one hiccup in July because I was writing a novel and not my usual novella. I’m really proud of myself for completing the challenge.

The Friend
DeeDee agreed to go on a date with a guy she met online. He insisted that they each bring a friend. That ended up working out in her favor.

Finding Love
Enjoy three more stories from the Scott-Williams Family.
Ryan met Corey online. He liked a few of her pictures and they started following each other. Nothing ever really comes from that, does it?
Dani has had a crush on Terry since she first met him. He had been a part of her daydreams for over a decade. What happens when he finally makes a move?
Rochelle knew Hakeem was fine the minute she laid eyes on him. She has the urge to touch him but doesn’t because he is doing work for her. When they bump into each other again, she decides to act on her urges.

My Neighbor
Melinda likes to sit and look out her window. She especially likes to watch her cute neighbor come and go. Will she ever get the nerve and opportunity to talk to him?

On Break
Ayanna is a stressed-out school counselor and ready for Spring Break. Then her boyfriend decides they need to take a break to reevaluate their relationship. She posts her frustration on social media. Then Zack, an old flame, slides into her DMs. He offers to help her enjoy her break.

Living The Dream
A buyout at her job prompts Billie to end her career and live her dream of owning a boutique. She buys a building and moves to a nearby small town called Timber Mills. In the process of getting set up she meets Jeff. He runs the carryout down the block from her new shop. Soon she’ll have a new shop and a new man.

Thirst Trap
Keya has had a crush on her line sister Chantay for years. With the assistance of her best friend, she comments on a picture Chantay shared. Emojis were exchanged. Then Keya shares a sexy picture and it’s Chantay’s turn to comment. That leads to a video chat and next thing Keya knows she is sharing a room with Chantay on vacation. What could go right?

Winters’ Trio
Meet Harmony, Lyric, and Melody Winters. They were a singing group when they were younger. Now Harmony is a television and film actress, Lyric writes songs, and Melody is a Broadway actress.
In an effort to get away from her cheating boyfriend, Lyric runs right into JT. When she can’t resist her attraction to him, she tells them both that it’ll just be one night because she doesn’t want him to be the rebound guy. Then fate steps in.
There is an instant attraction the minute that Melody sets eyes on Tish. They meet and it seems the attraction is mutual. Before she knows it, they are planning their wedding.
Harmony is happily married to Dwayne and both of them are pursuing their careers as actors. She is cheering both her sisters along, hoping they get the happy ending that she has.
With their mom praying and manifesting, see what turns the lives of these triplets take.

40 is the new Forty
Just before her fortieth birthday, Shayla loses her job and has to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Wayne was a one night stand she met at a conference, who also happens to be on the team who took over the company she worked for. Shayla, with the help of friends, decides it’s time to pursue her dream career. She also decides to give Wayne a chance.

Wanderlust – India
India is in a very unfulfilling relationship. She moves to Georgia with her fiancé despite not being happy. Then she meets Ahmad, who lives across the street from her new house. When she can’t deal with her relationship any longer, she has to make the tough decision to move back home. That means leaving her budding friendship just when she found a bit of happiness. Will she have to start all over on the road to happily ever after?

Wanderlust – Asia
As much as Asia wants to deny it, she is very attracted to Jaylen. The fact that he is more than ten years younger than her is a problem. The question is how big of a problem is she going to allow it to be?

Wanderlust – Kenya
When Autumn asks for Kenya’s help, Kenya thinks it’s just to stand as her lawyer and provide advice. The next thing she knows they are planning a wedding and Autumn is moving in with a set of three-year-old twins. The plan was to stay together for a few months and then split. During that time, Kenya and Autumn start to see how they fit together. When their time is up, will they end things or will they continue on the path to their happily ever after?

Wanderlust – Egypt
Rasheed was Egypt’s first love. She was devastated when their relationship didn’t work out. A chance encounter a few years later showed Egypt that Rasheed still had a very strong hold on her heart. Unfortunately, the time wasn’t right for them. After a few more years past, Rasheed is back in her life and this time he wants to be there forever. Egypt just has to decide if she is willing to give him her heart again. Is it finally time for her happily ever after?

Now to figure out how to challenge myself in 2023…


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