Her Best Friend’s Brother – Yahrah St John

I really enjoyed this book. I got an advanced copy from Net Galley.

Wynter and Riley were cute. Wynter had a crush on him when she was younger and when she sees him again, she realizes that it is still there. Riley sees her and realizes that she has grown into quite the woman, one he no longer needs to avoid because of the age difference. They do the whole “it’s only one time” thing and of course that doesn’t work. Riley doesn’t believe in love and Wynter thinks she’ll be fine with a fling.

We all know where this is going.

There was also the backdrop of the sudden loss of her aunt and having to deal with her family in the aftermath. That part of the storyline was handled pretty well.

This book was really good. I can’t wait for the other stories. I liked meeting her friends and can’t wait to hear more about them when they get their own books.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star read

Get your copy here.


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