Knowing your mistakes: The gift and the curse

I woke up from a dream that I was both hoping not to finish and anxious to see what happened at the end. I dream in epic fashion. It is not uncommon for my dreams to go from romantic comedy to gangster movie to Marvel comic action movie to musical to WTF in a matter... Continue Reading →


He said he felt like I didn’t love him, Like he was just my friend A friend with the alarm code to my heart & the key to my soul… If only he’d turn it Saw our future through a telescope Growing together, Taking each day as it came Me, ready to abandon the script that had become... Continue Reading →

GOD bless the exes!

Okay so I know this may sound weird but I am really thankful for my past loves.No seriously. (Stop laughing and/or giving me the side eye.)I was tweeting yesterday about understanding your personal love language. Your love language (by my definition) is the way you show love. It can also be the way you best... Continue Reading →

Over It

That moment when you realize that you are really over it…I mean honestly and truly OVER IT…It has to be one of the most refreshing moments in life. You are okay with the situation.You are okay with them.Most importantly… you are okay with yourself. All is forgiven.All is forgotten.All that is left are lessons and good memories. There... Continue Reading →

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