Yes, you are right

you are right
i am just like every other girl you’ve met before
i have ulterior motives
i am out for myself
only worried about pleasure
focused on only your shine
simply wanting to tan in it
trying to take what i can get and move on
trying to spend all your money
you are right
i am just trying to get over
i only see your sexy
don’t want to see any deeper
who cares how intelligent you are
who cares about your dreams
this attraction is simply surface
yes, yes…
you are right
this is going to go down a road you have been before
you could write the script for this
that thing
you think i’m gonna do
yup, i’m going to do it
so don’t waste your time
it’s okay keep it moving
i understand
save yourself the heartache
save yourself
and save me
for the one who knows
that this story has a happy ending
that i am the dream woman
the only nightmare is if i get away
because i am unlike anyone they’ve ever encountered before
and they will be forever thankful
you let me go.

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