he said he felt like i didn’t love him, like he was just my friend

a friend with the alarm code to my heart & the key to my soul… if only he’d turn it

saw our future through a telescope

growing together, taking each day as it came

me, ready to abandon the script that had become my life, my comfort zone

to walk through the storms in my head, he my light

knight in shining armor, more like a ninja slaying my demons

except how do you express it when

the darkness of death has you bound, gagged, and hurting

and he seems not to notice, or say that he notices, or care that he notices

and the frozen & tattered heart inside isn’t melting fast enough

and your passion laced with fear like a puppet dancing around your desire

and in an instant its over, before the Polaroid developed

memories & pain all you’re left with, alone in darkness

sometimes, yesterday isn’t worth the memory

-Turtleberry 2011

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