Over It

That moment when you realize that you are really over it…

I mean honestly and truly OVER IT…

It has to be one of the most refreshing moments in life.


You are okay with the situation.

You are okay with them.

Most importantly… you are okay with yourself.


All is forgiven.

All is forgotten.

All that is left are lessons and good memories.


There is nothing you can do to make bitterness taste sweet except take it out of your mouth… and your heart.


I appreciate all my past relationships and encounters. Off all the men I allowed to hurt me, and I have allowed it more often than I would have liked, there are two that will always have a place in my heart. They taught me about love and about myself. They left me not only with lessons but some good memories that overpower the pain. Those two changed my life for the better and I am thankful.


Now I am ready to move forward. I know so much more about what I want and what I don’t want. I know more about who I am and the parts of me that will not change for anyone.

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