Perfect Happiness

My idea of perfect happiness is a contradiction of sorts. Nothing is necessarily perfect. I think perfect happiness is decidedly imperfect. It is more a thing of me being content and have frequent periods of bliss & happiness. It means that my sad moments are not as often and short. It means having people in... Continue Reading →

Lingering in the moment…

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Linger." Have you ever had a moment that you wished could never end? Sometimes you get that feeling while you Sometimes you get that feeling while you're in that moment. The company is great. You feel amazing and happy. Maybe you are alone but actually at peace... Continue Reading →

The Reason

Let me be the reason behind your smile. The random text message after a crazy commute. The note in your coat pocket describing/encouraging your world domination. The mental picture that causes the edges of your lips to stand at attention. The surprise home cooked lunch date. The giggles providing your mid-day energy boost. The infectious... Continue Reading →

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