Lingering in the moment…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”

Have you ever had a moment that you wished could never end? Sometimes you get that feeling while you

Sometimes you get that feeling while you’re in that moment. The company is great. You feel amazing and happy. Maybe you are alone but actually at peace with everything going on in your life.

Sometimes you only notice when the moment is over. That really sucks though. You are suddenly uncomfortable and that is when you realize how comfortable you just were.

I’m not comfortable often. Yet I still tend to have to reflect on those moments more often than being faced with trying to figure out how to extend them.

I long for a time when I can be comfortable in a situation, enjoy it, allow it to linger, and not allow my brain to begin to over think things and destroy it.

Sometimes I wonder if the fact that I don’t know that I am comfortable is what allows me to linger in those moments longer than I would if I consciously knew that I was comfortable. If I knew I was comfortable I may think about how amazing that is and how not to screw it up rather than just enjoying the moment. Hence, the moment would then be gone.

I don’t know.

Right now, I want to linger in a moment involving me sitting in a comfortable chair by the water enjoying 80-degree temperatures and a slight breeze. Add in a few clouds here and there to decorate the sky and play peek-a-boo with the sun. Give me a great pen and a sturdy book to write in, my iPod w/ an ill playlist cued up, and a good book to escape to when I need a break from the writing.

That would be heaven.

That would be a moment to definitely linger in.

Where and how would you like to linger?

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