She is…

inspired by the song “She is” by NeYo featuring Tim McGraw…


I place complete blame on her.

That smile is so very intoxicating.

Hit me like an unexpected uppercut.

Those eyes defibrillated my damaged heart.

My heart, head, and hormones agree.

See this is not my fault.


She is the poem waking me.

She is the sunshine after a hurricane.

She is a Stevie Wonder song.

She is a silent prayer heard.

She is a handful of fire.

She is simply complex flawed perfection.


Find myself falling for her spirit.

Working up the nerve to speak.

Pushing awkwardness down a steep staircase.

She reserved space inside my shell.

Unknowingly she has truly changed me.

Doors can’t be closed. Locks broken.


She is heaven in those jeans.

She is proof that God listens.

She is intelligent beyond her years.

She is that Coldplay guitar solo.

She is weed for my glaucoma.

She is my own realistic fairytale.


You should love your friends, right?

This may go nowhere or everywhere.

Next gotta be an Olympic high-jumper.

Set the bar in the clouds.

Open to love in any form.

Now willing to share my heart.


She is an irresistibly addictive blessing

She is not leaving my mind.

She is stepping my game up.

She is the greatest missed opportunity.

She is out of my reach.

She is… everything’s all her fault.

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