My 6×6 attempts…

Mind open. Eyes squinting. Heart nervous.
Possibilities flow through veins like morphine.
Burning when it meets memories past.
Soothing pains from the healing process.
Intoxicating mixed with desires not quenched.
Playing Mario Kart with my emotions.

Do you like me? yes/no?
Why can’t it be that simple
Maybe complicates the clarity in life
Tag you’re it should still work
I called shotgun infinity long ago
Where the hell is my driver?

Tried to wash away the insecurities 
Exfoliate the pain. Shave off depression. 
Flat iron fear. Trim back shyness. 
Moisturize with happiness. Brush in confidence. 
Beat my face with unconditional love. 
I think I missed a spot.

Read your words before you speak
Speak your mind lest it explode
You must understand your heart sounds
Help cries through cinched vocal cords
Brain freezes when arteries are iced
Feed your soul to avoid destruction

For women who won’t buy condoms 
Your death will be painfully slow 
Herpes, the guest that won’t leave 
Taking shots of penicillin like tequila 
Your babies suffer from your pride 
Because you weren’t a grown woman

My bed is a heavenly place.
Cleaned off a space for you.
Anticipating your arrival into my life.
Mind, body, and soul anxiously await.
Patient heart knows you are near.
Friends to Dream Lover to Soulmate.

curious as to where sixing leads
new to the art of patience
the debauchery season approaches in hours
seductive sinful sixing stimulates Sagittarius sweethearts
watching while wild words work wonders
patiently pondering potential passionate poetic playfulness

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