An honest & specific prayer

Dear God,

Please send me a freak

a wake up in the morning trying to get the day started right freak
a sit me on the kitchen counter and eat me until no longer hungry freak
a “baby let me get my fingers caught in your hair while you show me what that mouth can do” freak
a “baby we can do that way better than that porno” kinda freak
a “baby i’ma pray hard for you for how you be calling on the lord so much while i’m in you” kinda freak
a join me in the shower because patience was never their strength kinda freak

Please Lord,

let my freak be easy on the eyes
strong in the arms
slick with the tongue
and a mental ninja
Lord you know that I have few restrictions on my love
so if their dick is a gift from you
or detachable
please let my freak be a super saiyan with it

Dear God,

send me a freak with excellent communication skills
one not afraid to speak their desires
able to communicate with song lyrics
understanding my passive aggressive tendencies
while having the ability to pull more aggression from me

Please Lord,

send me a freak who understand i don’t share well

 unless i decide i want to share
 my freak understands i want to know all their fantasies
 allowing me to pick the ones that can become a reality
 cause this freak plans on doing the exact same for me

Dear God,

bless my life with a freak

 a goal-oriented, hard-working, multi-tasking kinda freak
 a philosophical conversation kinda freak
 an in command of a boardroom and bedroom kinda freak
 a down to earth, kid friendly kinda freak
 a cover my mouth while we rendezvous in the bathroom or closet of a not-so empty house kinda freak
 a respectful enough to meet my grandparents kinda freak

Please Lord,

send me a freak

a chilling on the other side of the room but sexting me till i blush kinda freak

 a quiet time to game or chill after work kinda freak
 or a test my flexibility while seeing if i can talk about my day in between orgasms kinda freak
 a cuddle while catching our breath and plotting world domination kinda freak
Dear God,

bless me with this freak

this I ask as humbly as I know how



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