Love & Music

would I love music more than my boyfriend?


yes, I would

should he ever make me choose

between him

and the masterpiece that is the X&Y cd

I would chuck the deuces

plug my head phones into my iPod

and walk away

while Coldplay attempts to fix me


if my love ever decided to deny

the fact that Michael Jackson and Prince are

and always have been

musical geniuses that cannot be compared

to each other

or anyone else

I would simply hand him a bag of rocks

point him to the nearest field

and let him commence to kicking


in case of the emergency

when the one I gave my heart to

says that I am crazy

for my occasional need to get on the mothership…

play the electric air guitar during the national anthem…

or meditate with the elements…

someone be so kind as to collect him from the moat

just outside this shell


if we can’t vibe together

on a playlist of Amel Larrrieux and Sade,

Jill Scott and Roberta Flack,

Babyface and Maxwell,

Music Soulchild and Debarge,

Linkin Park and MOP,

Outkast and Eminem,

Tamia and Janet Jackson,

Lenny Kravitz and Jay Z,

Mozart and Tupac…

then there is no need for us to vibe at all


should my baby

not know the dance to Apache

fuck this shit

we are through


perhaps it is not that I love music

more than him

maybe I want to love music with him

I want to make beautiful music

with him

but we need to at least

be in the same key.

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