Starting on #365Creativity – Journal Making

I am doing this challenge called #365Creativity.


Click the picture to read more about it.
I have decided to record my progress in an art journal. This journal will allow me to paint, draw, scrapbook, or write… whatever suits my fancy. I have to break it down into 4 separate books (one per quarte/season) because making a book that thick by hand makes my brain & my hands hurt.

I started with a pad of watercolor paper.

I used the back board for the cover of my book by cutting it in half. I added gesso to the outside and silver paint to the inside.

I folded the watercolor paper in 5 page signatures. After punching my holes in was ready to sew. I used coptic stitch.

That is how I made my 1st Quarter/Winter 2017 Journal.

Not sure how I am going to decorate the cover but that will surely be part of the creative process.
So… who is going on this journey with me?

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