Ms. Berry’s Book Review – His To Claim

Mac & Teri…


*shakes head*

Okay. I want to start by saying I loved this book.

Now… their marriage was a trip. Given his line of work, this makes perfect sense though. His personality and time away from home would naturally lead to this.


No spoilers.

So, anyway, this story is not what I typically devour. This is a marriage ten years in. And while a lot of the times I feel stories that start that deep in can be missing the excitement of new love, this one did not miss anything.

There was the right amount of excitement. Mac and Teri grew and you could see that they would continue to grow.

I loved that she wasn’t trying to change him she was…


No spoilers.

Pick this book up and read it.

Brenda Jackson has quite a pen. I am excited to dive into some of her back list. I have to tie a rope to the side cause she has a zillion books.

I got a copy from Net Galley but then, on that same day, purchased a copy from WalMart because it was one of only two books by black authors in their romance section. Glad to have the paperback because the epilogue made me throw the book.

*taps foot and patiently waits for May 2020*

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