Who gets custody of the “friend”?

The hard part about breakups is realizing who gets custody of the “friends”. Seriously, this is incredibly tricky when couples run in the same circles. It often makes me wary about even dating someone who runs in the same circle as me. Why add more drama to an already uncomfortable situation? Their friends were always... Continue Reading →

My body

Kangaroo pouch Bumpy face Wild forest hair Very little baggage behind me Permanent clown shoes Awkward, saggy milk sacs Desert legs Small, coke bottle figure Hair filled with ocean waves Two, hand sized water balloons Chicken soup smile QVC hands Golden brown limbs Not every guy wants a junky trunk anyway! Flawed perfection Shy conceit... Continue Reading →


some days my world seems like a series of nuances and idiosyncrasies, coping with the resident trouble maker, my imagination, and pondering another breath or a gasp for fresh hope can i float can i float can i float or drown in the flood of inspiration held in by my damn reality   -Turtleberry 2007

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