love sweet like the honeysuckle of my youth
when I imagined knights in shiny armor on horseback
switch to ninja’s on ducati bikes
switch to mr. tall dark & handsome in a big car with a career
not a job
and a 401k
not just cash on hand
and when I say benefits I mean dental, vision, and medical…
not some “baby why don’t you just let me come chill at your place”…
We see shows & exhibits.
Strange how priorities change like seasons
& what turns you on is the fact that he reads books
not just magazines.
when his compliments aren’t just sexual
when his actions show that you are a top priority
Love can become like the simile that use to trapse off the tongue, freely flowing flawlessly…
now linger on your lips like a lisp.
you smile just because, and
dance in the rain
life’s issues rolling off your back in that duck weather.

-Turtleberry 2011

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