Make the distinction…

niggas & flies

niggas & flies, both I despise
one eats shit the other one lies…

never confuse a black man with a nigga…
cause a nigga will get you with those good intentions and that even better dick
making promises like
I’m not going anywhere
making you think he is in control of the world
when really he is only in control of yours
because you gave him the keys
cause you were too lazy to drive
or perhaps too drunk off the drinks
like in the club
heavy on those carbonated words
light on the hard action you really need
but you’ve decided to take what you can get
thinking you can get nothing else
brain cheating your heart from the mind fuck you really want
and now niggas are confused
because I peek my head out of my shell only to
enjoy myself
don’t give a damn if a nigga sees or if a nigga likes
cause I am dancing for me
my days of trying to attract that type of attention are over.
and don’t ask me if I like women
cause some of them are bigger niggas than you
funny thing about equality…
but I digress…
I have a young man to raise
and I want him to know real men can see the sexy through the hoodie & jeans
and real men know that actions should be their calling card & words just the font choice
they don’t make promises
they predict the future
and until that piece of realness GOD has for me comes
I will enjoy me

niggas & flies, both I despise
the more I see niggas, the more I like flies…

-Turtleberry 2011

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