Ms. Berry’s Book Review – A Prince on Paper

Let’s just start off by taking a moment to discuss how wonderful the Reluctant Royals series is. Alyssa Cole did the damn thing with these 5 books.

I adored every single last one of these characters.

Likotsi was my favorite the moment I read Once Ghosted, hands down.

But then I began to read A Prince on Paper.

Johan stole my heart. That dude was everything in life. Masculine, but not annoyingly so. Soft, but again not at annoying levels. His honesty floored me. I wanted to reach in the book and pull him out to keep him for myself.

Nya was an amazing character. She had layers yet was nicely transparent. I was always right there with her in the story. She was far from perfect, but that was actually perfect.

I am not about that spoiler life. But I will say I didn’t want it to end but it ended exactly as I hoped it would.

This book earned my highest honor, The Sexual Chocolate Award.

Johan is the first official winner of the Hercules Hercules Award. This award was created to honor those love interests that actually made me jealous of the main character.

Likotsi will be honored when I look back at books I read and hand out awards well after the fact.

If you haven’t read these books, slide your behind over to Alyssa’s website,, and click the appropriate links.

You can thank me later.

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