March 2023 Reading Recap

Okay, so I finished writing a novel and took a break to get some reading done. I was able to catch up on my reading goal.

In the Key of Love by Te Russ was really good. I started it in February while I was writing and it took me a bit to finish it but it was worth it. I enjoyed the short tale of love.

Then I read one of Danielle Allen’s Hot Holiday Hook Up books, The Noisemaker. Short, spicy and really good. Followed it up by another short and spicy book. Sugar, Sugar by Ladie Marie was really good. I really liked how the MC had a sugar daddy that she wasn’t sleeping with. That sounds like my kind of party. They eventually spiced things up and the story was really good.

I decided to dive into some books I had been meaning to read for a long time. I started with Hunger by Nicole Falls. Then, naturally, I read Thirst. Both books were really, really good. It was a different read because both books were told from the perspective of two brothers. It was my first time reading a whole book from the male perspective. I thought it was well done.

Next, I jumped into Blackwood and the world created by CCJ. I dove into the Night Shift series. Started with Equivalent Exchange. Loved how it started. It was just different how those two connected at a really low point in the MC’s life. Then I read Prior Affair. Enjoyed it so much. It was my favorite of the three. The whole premise of feeling like you had been together before even when you’ve just met… and how they met… just wonderful. Then I finished off the series with Faded Memories. I enjoyed it but wished it was longer. I could have really enjoyed a few more chapters with that couple.

I jumped into D. Rose’s The Vow. This was a marriage of convenience story. I enjoyed this book. I read the follow-up, The Matrimony. That was just a check-in with the couple and a chance to see how their marriage was working out. It was a good extension of the first book.

Finally, of course I read the novel I finished writing. Timber Mills Love Stories is a novel about three different women who find love while living in a small town.

I’m hoping I can stay on track and find time to read while also writing. That balance is always hard for me. I’m a work in progress.


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