The Time of Your Life by Sandra Kitt

I got a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Beck and Eden were a cute couple. The circumstances of their meeting were sad but the meet cute was still great. They stumbled a bit in the beginning and there was my dreaded third act romance hurdle. Still, this was a great story. Each had their own stuff to deal with and they helped each other with that.

One big issue I had with the book was that it talked about the COVID-19 pandemic. When it was first mentioned it threw me right out of the story. I started to worry because they weren’t masking and taking any other precautions. It was mentioned two more times in the book and honestly I felt like it should have just been omitted. It forced me to push my feelings to the side because the lack of precautions was making me dislike characters I had begun to enjoy.

If it weren’t for that, this would be a 4/4.5 star read. But I have to give it 3/3.5 stars because I really was pulled from what was otherwise a really good story.

You should check it out. You can find the book here.


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