And take the midget with you

you and the midget must go the greed you attract makes me ill it follows you and you follow me as I attempt to deliver parcels of hope and smiles after life’s storms the clouds part ways the sun peeks out and there I am and there you are weighing me down with your pipe... Continue Reading →

See this is why…

See this is why fucks cannot be given You give one and they want them all They want them how they want them When they want them Heaven forbid the turtle move too slowly for them All fucks should be given immediately This is why fucks cannot be given Because then when you try to... Continue Reading →

The Reason

Let me be the reason behind your smile. The random text message after a crazy commute. The note in your coat pocket describing/encouraging your world domination. The mental picture that causes the edges of your lips to stand at attention. The surprise home cooked lunch date. The giggles providing your mid-day energy boost. The infectious... Continue Reading →

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