See this is why…

See this is why fucks cannot be given

You give one and they want them all

They want them how they want them

When they want them

Heaven forbid the turtle move too slowly for them

All fucks should be given immediately

This is why fucks cannot be given

Because then when you try to tell them water is wet

They look at you like you are crazy

Tell them fire is hot

They look at you like you’re the one smoking crack

When you honestly mention that turtles bite

They like “naw, turtles don’t have teeth”

And when I snap I’m the bad guy

Everything about the fucks I have to give is wrong and incompatible

You see, I shouldn’t give fucks the best way I know how

I am supposed to give fucks the way they want fucks to be given

And this is the moment where I realize my mistake

This is when I actually see the light bulb over my head

And I pull the chain to turn that bitch on

I was not supposed to give a fuck in the first place

Fucks are like time

Once you give them you cannot get them back

They are priceless

People tend to waste mine

But I am too nice a person to be as harsh as I want to

So I’ll give those people just one more fuck

And that is the one I use to say



~Turtleberry 7/2014

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