The trouble with the world today…

Okay, so the trouble with the world today is that the majority of people have become intolerant of differences. I sit and look at the current events and problems of the world and it all seems to stem back to being intolerant of what makes us different from other people.

Not everyone is meant to be the same. We evolved to be different. We aren’t supposed to think the same, talk the same, worship the same, or look the same. If we were that is how it would be automatically.

I have watched people be bullied and ostracized because they did not agree with the majority opinion. Racism is still alive and well. Prejudice is coming from both sides. Countries are on the brink of war because they want land from people they feel aren’t deserving of it simply due to the fact that they are different.

There is not much that I can do about wars except pray that both sides come to their senses and find a peaceful resolution.

All I can see to do about racism except to point it out when it occurs and educate people. It has become a part of a culture so much that it is considered normal.

As for prejudice, history has shown me that you can not fight racism effectively when you are prejudice. Most, if not all, of your arguments lose steam.

We have to be okay with people being different. We have to be okay with people having differing opinions. If you want someone to respect your differences and your opinions then you have to show them the same courtesy.

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