Daily Affirmations

To be posted on the door

of the shell you inhabit

in every effort to encourage

a bit more than your head to come out:

  • you are smarter than you think
  • talented at levels you can’t understand
  • more beautiful than you can ever seem to see
  • you have healing powers
  • dance dangerously close on the fault line of generosity
  • blessed with the emotions you curse daily
  • your smile is more contagious than small pox
  • even with the weight of the world (held up by pachyderms) on your shell
  • the fog lights of your mind shine
  • progressing forward
  • at the pace set by the Divine
  • your humor cannot be canned
  • your soundtrack comes with Soul Train dancers
  • love comes from the depths of your soul
  • creativity oozed from your pores instead of sweat
  • impossible is nothing but a hurdle
  • and you loved to high jump
  • sweetness of fresh strawberries in June
  • a miracle worker
  • and mother
  • you are amazing
  • and kind
  • valued
  • and loved


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