Have you read #TheFollow by Eliza David yet?

Okay y’all. I have been trying to focus on any number of things but my mind is mush. What’s a girl to do when life gets too much and the words aren’t flowing on the page?

Pick up a book of course!

So I decided to dive in to The Follow by Eliza David. I met Eliza on Twitter through a number of writing chats and instantly liked her energy. I immediatly copped her first book, The Cougarette, as soon as she shared the link and said it was free.

Let’s start with that book. Cee-Cee is awesome. I laughed. I wanted to reach in my tablet and shake the shit out of her. I wanted to reach in my tablet and hug her. Jay Weston was just…

Y’all gotta read the book!

So in the spirit of how much I loved that book, I pre-ordered The Follow as soon as she dropped that link.

I dragged my feet reading it, knowing that it may suck me in.

Let me tell y’all about Shauna and King. The two of them suck you into their world. I learned so much about fandom. I felt for Shauna. I wanted to shake King. I wanted to hug them both. Lena had me cracking up.

And don’t get me started on #TheLamarStJonExperience.

Y’all should check out these books.

Eliza’s website is www.elizadavidwrites.com.

She did a Creativity Sundays interview for me at the Turtleberry Press Blog.

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