Teaser Tuesday – Days of Summer

When Sunday rolled around, Reggie headed out to hang out with friends and watch the game. I left him a note reminding him that I was working. He left me the car, which meant he planned on drinking. Since he was gone, I made sure to get my own makeup perfect before heading out to meet up with Allison. 

The hotel was very nice. The valet helped me take my things out of the car and a guy loaded my cases onto a cart and pushed it for me. The front desk said that I was expected and sent the guy and I right upstairs. Allison answered the door. Once again she was in a robe.

“Hey there.” She smiled and gave me a hug. “I love that you’re on time.”

“I try.” I smiled and followed her in the room.

“You can sit those on the table.” She smiled at the guy. I could tell he was trying hard not to look at her for too long. I couldn’t blame him. Allison looked amazing.

Once he left, I turned to her. “So, what look are we going for?”

“Marco likes me a bit more done up. He’s the flashy type.” She pointed around the room. “Hence all this.”

“Okay. What colors are you wearing?”

She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. There was a gorgeous red dress hanging up on the closet door. “That.”

“Oh that is nice.” I looked at her. “How much time do I have?”

Allison smiled. “Two hours.”

“That is way more time than I need.”

“I know.”

The way she looked at me caused my face to get flushed. When I looked down I realized that we were still holding hands. I also realized that I didn’t want to let go. I slowly looked up again and Allison kissed me. I was in shock and pulled back, still not letting go of her hand.

“Now I know I didn’t read you wrong.”

“Um…” I put my free hand over my lips.

Allison smiled and nodded. “I got you a present.”

“A present?”

“It is corny but I don’t know you that well and this is the best I could come up with.” Allison led me over to the dresser. She pointed to a box.

I let her hand go and opened up the box. I had to laugh. “Business cards.”


“There are three boxes. I took a bunch out of one of them because I plan on handing them to everyone.”

I smiled at her. “Thank you.”

“I really like you. I mean I have liked you since I first saw you at that big photoshoot.”

“You don’t know me.”

“No. Not yet.” Allison winked at me. “I wanted to text or email you everyday since I got your number.”

“But you didn’t.” I hated to admit that I wanted to do the same.

“I try not to be creepy.” She sat on the bed. “Look, I’m not used to this. I’m always the one being chased. It’s never a problem to find a man or a woman eager to please me. However, right now all I want is for you to put your pussy on my face before you put makeup on it.”

My whole face got hot. I hoped the makeup hid it. My clit throbbed at the thought of being close to her lips. I wanted to look away but my eyes were locked with hers. “Um…”

“Summer, you’re blushing.”

“How do you know?”

“Your neck and the top of your chest are bright red.” Allison grinned. She reached her hand out. “Come over here.”

Days of Summer is available for pre-order. Release date is 12/21.

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