The Boos and Booze Series

Check out this collection of Halloween inspired romance shorts.

You’re invited to the Sapphire Springs annual Fall Festival. Two days packed with activities for residents and guests alike; an adults-only costume ball on Saturday night, and family friendly carnival on Sunday. RSVP to join us for opulent fun.

Costume Cutty by Chencia C. Higgins
For the first time in her life Dionne Austin has been looking forward to Halloween all summer. The annual Fall Festival in Sapphire Springs was legendary, and by a sheer stroke of luck, her event planning company was tapped to organize the costume ball. An event of this magnitude is a major step for her career, and has her on a cloud so high that no one could dampen her spirits, not even her fool of an ex who never supported her dreams. When weird, inexplicable things begin happening, Dionne is torn between her superstitions and remaining professional, and the extra attention from her ex’s neighbor isn’t helping.

The Wrong Wicker by AshleyNicole
As the newest member of Sapphire Springs, Evie is excited about the annual ball. A dressed up evening with an open bar, endless food, and dancing sounds like a good time. There is the small issue of the blind date Aunt Brenda set her up on, that has the potential to be a dumpster fire. Hopefully, he doesn’t show, and his cousin can be her date. Somebody has to help keep her mind off the ghost waiting at home for her.

The Stroke of Midnight by Diana W.
Time is relative when it comes to Imani getting past the death of her husband. It’s been three years and she still doesn’t feel comfortable opening her heart to someone new. Even tendrils of affection for her contractor Hakeem makes her feel guilty and at the insistence of her friend, she visits a medium, hoping she will gain something helpful. What she receives is an unbelievable day that helps her heal so she can learn to love again.

Halloween Spice by Turtleberry
Caught up in the routine of life, Ebony is encouraged to go to the Sapphire Springs Fall Festival to have a little fun. Then her husband Max shows up to give their marriage a little Halloween Spice.

Eerie Obsession by T. Key
What happens when infatuation and desire turn into…obsession? Will Summer Banks find herself the object of Jonathan Green’s affection…or on the brink of something far more sinister.

Brewing Storm by D. Rose
Seniyah Reid was on a journey of self-discovery. That journey led her to making the split decision to move to Sapphire Springs, a small quirky town that loves the holidays as much as she does. The move couldn’t have come at a better time for Seniyah. After the passing of her grandma, she was searching for a thrill to disrupt her mundane routine. Soon she realizes the answer to her problems comes from her fine neighbor, Blaine Richards, a single father who was also in need of a thrill… or two.

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