Nameless loves…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Name’s The Thing.”

I recently discovered (well admitted to myself) that I am attached to things. When I think about it all the things I have that I love I realize that since things have been replaced I haven’t named them.

My car used to have a name. I had BOB 3000, Lucifer (the car with 3 sixes in the VIN), and Enrique (Pretty Ricky is what I called him). I haven’t named my car and I have had it for about 2 years now. I guess I should get on it.

My laptop didn’t have a name but lately I have been calling the 17 inch “Beasty”. I think it is fitting.

My iPod is nameless (and probably hanging on by a thread) as is my phone (scared it will be replaced with my contract being up a few weeks ago).

Maybe it is that if I don’t name it then I won’t be as attached as I am. That sort of logic runs through my head sometimes. I know it is bullshit, but it sounds nice for a few moments.

Not naming them hasn’t caused me to stop loving them.

Time to get on naming a few more of my loves.

Do you name your things?

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