The things I never said…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Set It To Rights.”

So this prompt spoke to me rather quickly. Mostly because I am one to let a lot of things slide. I simply don’t feel like it is worth the anxiety, anger, and regret that come with confrontation. Most times the confrontation does nothing to solve a problem but does make you look at the other person differently. Therefore, I avoid it.

So when this prompt talks about going back and changing things, I had to think to myself if I would ever do that.

Hindsight is both a gift and a curse.

Too many time I look back on situations like I could have said this or should have done that. Thing is you really should just accept what happened. If apologies are in order then you should hand them out. Other than that, you can’t change the past. Hell, apologies don’t change the past. They simply attempt to create a better future.

We spend far too much time focusing on the past. If you can make it right, then do that. If not, don’t waste too much time mulling over it. Learn the lesson and move on.

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