Fun at Artscape 2015- My Photos

I absolutely love attending Artscape!

This year I was a volunteer so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, but I had a blast.

Friday I was able to get down there on “work related” circumstances.

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The artwork was amazing. Someone was selling a python and a few boas.

Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing on of my dear friends Quinton Randall and his band perform.

a DSC_0518 edit a DSC_0533 edit a DSC_0543 edit a DSC_0550 edit

a DSC_0573 edit

The wonderful Baltimore City Fire Department provided the best cooling station for the hot day!

Sunday was all music, all day. It started with my friend Brooks Long and his band The Madd Dog No Good. They rocked out.

a DSC_0591 edit a DSC_0599 edit a DSC_0601 edit a DSC_0602 edit a DSC_0608 edit a DSC_0609 edit

Then the awesomeness continued with April Sampe. She got down and went in the crowd, danced, and sung her ass off!

a DSC_0640 edit a DSC_0655 edit a DSC_0665 edit a DSC_0685 edit

Even Natty Boh got his groove on.

On my walk to the next concert, I checked out the art cars and enjoyed a line dance flash mob.

a DSC_0824 edit a DSC_0833 edit a DSC_0840 edit a DSC_0845 edit

The last performance I saw was the awesometastic Femi the Dri Fish and the Out of Water Experience. Words can not describe this band. My pictures barely capture how fantastic the performance was.

a DSC_0881 edit a DSC_0888 edit a DSC_0901 edit a DSC_0903 edit a DSC_0907 edit a DSC_0962 edit a DSC_0966 edit a DSC_0020 edit

All in all, it was another amazing year at Artscape!

a DSC_0040 edit

If you want to mark your calendar for next year, it is always the 3rd weekend in July and is absolutely FREE!!!

P.S. Here are a few fun candids from my SnapChat…

20150717_120655 1437147756831 1437147878975 1437149581595 1437173672323

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