Ms. Berry’s Wacky Rating System

Okay. I have a wacky way of rating books and I thought I should share it with y’all.

I don’t force myself to finish a book too often so I rarely will rate something lower than 3 stars.

2 stars means I had some strange reason for finishing the book against my better judgement.

3 stars means the book was okay… nothing to write home about. No promises on giving the author anything past the second chance I try to give everyone.

4 stars means I enjoyed it and can probably point to one or two things I loved. Also means I will definitely read that author again.

5 stars means I loved the book. Now… I freely admit I love 80% of the books I read. But what can I say, I have good taste.

There are two awards beyond 5 stars.

The first is the Hercules Hercules Award.

This award goes to a book that I really, really enjoyed. I was likely tweeting about he book. I was sad when the book ended cause I was that into it.

Finally, there is Ms. Berry’s Sexual Chocolate Award.

This is a book that wowed me.

Like I felt all the f*cking feelings.

I mean every feeling.

I likely even wanted to fight someone in the book.

The author of a book that wins this award had a new fan. I will try not to be a Stan but am likely combing your backlist for more books to make me feel these feelings…

Because I love these feelings.

When I do reviews on my blog I tend not to use stars but I will gladly shout out an award winning book.

I use star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon.

More awards may be born as I continue to read more amazing books.

Until then… let me dive into my next book.

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